Meet Lil OP The Next Biggest Rap Artist

Lil OP is one of the fastest-growing underground artists at the moment. If you listen to up and coming artists I’m sure you’ve heard his name. But that leaves us with one question: how is he growing so fast and who is he? 

Lil OP is a 16-year-old artist based out of North Carolina. With just 9 months in the industry, he has accumulated over 16,500 followers on Instagram. With over 4,000,000 impressions off of all media pages and over 300,000 streams total. With hit songs like “Been A Minute” and “For Me” the artist has started to create quite the buzz. While Lil OP has not publicly shown his image yet. His icon has become quite prominent. With cosigns from Jack Harlow, @Rap official Instagram, Big Sean and more Lil OP has increased his social presence quite a bit. 

Lil OP says he started music randomly one day. He had spent the past year with experience in video editing and managing local artists. He would always do whatever he could to learn more. At one point he even wanted to pursue video editing and directing fully. However, music was always a side passion that he loved but never got the chance to try. Lil OP says he was scrolling through YouTube one day and got the suggestion to watch a tutorial video on mixing. From there he says he created his first song. After sending it to just 1 friend the song began to spread throughout his school via SoundCloud. Lil OP then continued his soundcloud and made music primarily in private for about a month. After that month Lil OP saw major improvements and says he then dropped an EP. 

Around April Lil OP says he decided to take music seriously and created an instagram profile. After just the first 10 days he began to notice results. With support from local friends as well as mutual friends he began to begin releasing music on all platforms. Lil OP continuously created new music as well as new snippets for his followers and began to grow instantly. Since then he has gotten noticed by major mainstream artists as well as increased his fan base to over 16,500 with over 1,000,000 all time impressions on Instagram alone. Lil OP says he’s preferred to keep his profile much low-key as he wants people to really focus on his craft and with the constant exposure and continuous releases we can expect to see a lot from the young artist. While this is only the beginning of his career I see a quite promising future for Lil OP.

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