Meet Lamar Berko: A young celebrity Jeweler inspiring the Next Generation 

Starting a business as a young person is challenging. There are inherent obstacles, such as a lack of support from family, reduced start-up capital, and less experience in leadership/management, which makes it harder to convince clients and suppliers to work with you. In addition, many young entrepreneurs struggle to balance university/college education and work life. Both are time-consuming, and with no one to guide you, establishing your spot is almost impossible. This is one of the main reasons Lamar Berko, a young celebrity jeweler in the UK, has decided to build his brand around the young generation.

As a young business owner who has established himself despite the different roadblocks, Lamar Berko uses his brand to encourage and empower young people as he shares how they can overcome various challenges. He uses his journey as proof that every goal is attainable if you put your mind to it.

Lamar Berko started his jewelry company, LB Jewellers, in 2013. At the time, Lamar was just twenty years old. He didn’t know much about running a business, let alone growing a jewelry brand. Lamar admits that the first few months were rough. Many suppliers and clients saw Lamar as an inexperienced jeweler, thus, making it more challenging to prove himself and earn their trust.

Despite all these, Lamar Berko didn’t give up. Instead, he worked twice as hard, polishing his designer skills. Lamar Berko also invested in building his online presence. 

Lamar’s creativity as a designer and authenticity are helping him to stand out in the highly crowded industry, with his work attracting massive attention from the entertainment industry. Lamar Berko has created pieces for Afropop rock stars Burna Boy and Wizkid. He has also worked with Beenie Man, David Beckham, Digga D, and Danny Rose, to name a few.

As a means of giving back, LB Jewellers has provided employment opportunities for people in other countries, including Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa. Lamar Berko says he aims to expand LB Jewelers, creating more opportunities for young people. Lamar Berko has a big announcement in the next few months, where he unveils a multimillion pound investment.

Many young people who want to start a business find it extremely hard, mainly since the current education system doesn’t focus much on entrepreneurship, says Lamar. If you choose not to take the 9-5 route, you will have to start learning from scratch to survive in the highly crowded entrepreneurial world. Lamar has turned his brand into a guide helping those in the field to find their way.

He is creating more opportunities for young people as he shares the importance of being consistent and making quality and exposure your focal point. As a jewelry designer, Lamar prioritizes customer satisfaction which means giving the client nothing but the best. He has consistently provided top-notch services and unfettered quality merchandise, thus, allowing his designs to stand out. LB Jewelers is one of the leading jewelry brands in the UK and is a common name among celebrities.

As he continues to grow his brand, Lamar admonishes young people to invest in their goals and fight for their passion. Challenges are inevitable in life; not everything will work as per your plans, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get back up when you fail. According to Lamar Berko, failure is not characterized by losses but the refusal to get back up!

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