Meet Kidear: Hip Hop’s Gay Hugh Hefner

Pimpin is easy for Kidear

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Kidear Youseman, aka Kidear, always knew he wanted to be somebody; and it first clicked when he discovered his first love(s): fashion and music. Growing up, he always made sure he looked up to part, which he gives credit to legendary rapper Lil’ Kim as he admired her way of mixing music; with the latest fashion trends in the late 90’s/early ’00s.

Kidear pursued his passion for fashion and became a celebrity stylist, where he became exposed to several stars; like Wiz Khalifa, Karlie Redd, Erica Mena, The Von Boozier Twins, and more. Such exposure helped open the door to expanding his creativity, where he decided to consider music heavily.

While he naturally lives a very high-end lifestyle, he also helps style many of his close friends, who he refers to as “bad bitches”, which explains why flocks of beautiful females constantly surround Kidear. The “Hugh Hefner” energy he exudes inspired his first official track, “Bitches Is Lit.” 

The song, of course, describes the life he already lives, a dash of him and his girls being the hottest and most lit people in any setting. His music genre would be described as club bangers, music that people search for when they want to have a good time. Kidear’s overall goal “is to be a “lit artist,” make people feel good, do lots of music collabs, and expanding my music.”

As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, he is very aware that he stands out; and wants to make sure he is spoken of as a talented entertainer.

Overall Kidear wants to be taken seriously no matter if he is gay or straight. Allow him to be him, as he refuses to be boxed into one category; as the entertainment world typically does to gay artists. 

In the meantime, Kidear, alongside this producer Brookz, is currently working on new music. Video premiere for Bitches Is Litset to drop on August 26th.

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