Meet Jay Laurent: Director on the Rise

Jay Laurent, a Los Angeles film producer-turned-music video director, is quickly becoming a big name cinematographer with his instincts, passion, and unlimited creativity. Identified by many in Hip Hop as a visionary for his catchy shorts on social media and current promotional campaign. Its the vision that attracts Hip Hop to enlist Laurent to lead their new look.

“Like any project, I start with a vision. I had proposed a concept idea to SkinnyFromThe9 after hearing his unreleased track “Savage”, it was the next day we both agreed to work with each other. I currently have another video releasing with “Project X”, featuring YBN Almighty Jay.

Watch Jay Laurent‘s Short, “Casual Encounter” Now.

Plenty of new content on the way, Jay Laurent is heading in the right direction both creatively and professionally. Nothing typical, nothing unimaginative, and nothing gimmicky, the Film Producer is the most relevant of the new generation and the audience appreciates it greatly.

Not only Hip Hop but media has grown familiar with the director. Laurent recently made an appearance on Dash Radio to discuss his recent success, creative process, and future plans.

As a director on the rise, Laurent’s vision is consistent, passionate, and more instinctive than other surrounding directors. Prophecies to be the hottest director, Laurent has his own prophecy to be the biggest instead.

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