Meet Executive Producer UE Wynn

The explosion of Ue Wynn’s career has ignited like C4 and dynamite infused. The seven times self published author has solidified himself as an elite writer amongst the upper echelon of his craft, with books such as My Brother’s Keeper and its sequel, False , Behind the Mask, A Whores Conscience, Tainted, and White window. These books have made their way into a multi diverse array of homes and institutions and are strongly pushing into the classic category. He has smoothly transitioned his publishing company into a film production company. He has executive produced the feature film Honor among thieves, The Well Awaited Docu-series, Witness for the Defense, The Kenneth “Supreme” MCGRIFF Story, & the most anticipated feature film SIN the movie, starring Louis Gossett Jr, Angel Love, Bella Blaq, Sean Nelson, and Rip Michael’s. This business savvy entrepreneur brings an edgy swagger and a street hustler’s determination to the film industry. Moving forward it appears Mr. Wynn is here for the win.

Growing up in the South Bronx of New York City you are either the predator or the prey and being chewed on wasn’t even an option for UE. Young Ue was raised in a single-parent home, by a strong southern rooted young beautiful and ambitious woman . She did all she could to keep him on the straight and narrow , but working 2 jobs and going to school left little time to be attentive to his actions and whereabouts! 

He brought home moderate grades and was very polite and charming.He truly took a liking to theater, art & math. He  auditioned for a few Commercials and even landed on a video game show called video power that aired in the early 90’s. Early on he knew his calling was the big screen, but something else was also calling him ! The streets , it was something about having the respect of your peers, the recognition of being financially solidified, and even feared, that was alluring to him. He wanted that, he craved it, so he went after it.

   As art imitates life, life imitates art , with no mentor or father figure around,trial and error was his only professor .Trouble always found a way to wiggle in Ue’s  life . 

He literally would try anything that had the potential of getting him ahead and this ambition with no boundaries had him in and out of jail from the ages of 15 to 20. The charges and  cases caught up to him at the mere  age of 20 when he was incarcerated until he was 33 years of age! For various charges, ranging from drug trafficking, robbery and felony gun possession. He was quoted saying, prison is a terrible place with horrific conditions, but if you channel all your energy into anything, then you will have  earned  a master degree from the toughest university in the country! With that being said, what degrees do you think he obtained?

 Upon his release he utilized all his resources and every drop of information that he had acquired while being incarcerated to accomplish all the things  Being presented before ! His upbringing made him want to change the narrative for children growing up under similar circumstances such as himself . This motivated him to create  Save A H.O.M.I.E INC…  which is a nonprofit that has created several programs to to assist disenfranchised children in high risk communities , Mr.Wynn strives to make a change ,or even better a difference within his family ,his team ,his community, his culture, and ultimately the world! Ue WYNN’s motto When I Wynn we all Win! 

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