Meet Dean Bar Haim, The Celebrity Exotic Car Retailer

Dean Bar Haim, also known as 360Hurricane, is a 26-year-old Israelian exotic car retailer in Miami Beach, Florida. Despite feeling responsible for his family of over 15 people back home, he chased his dreams. He knew that if he had the chance, he would be able to create one of the most prominent exotic car rental companies in Miami Beach.

Haim trusted his ability to build a secure connection with his family’s business to create one of his own. He was around when they ran a dealership of over 300 cars. Dean knew that if he also connected with the biggest spenders in the club that he would be able to rent them the exotic cars that would fit their taste level. Now, his company Start Point Exotics is the most popular exotic car rental place in Miami.

Dean’s biggest dream was always just to start a business that he was passionate about. Haim always had a massive vision for his own business, evident in his pursuit of business relations with all hotels lining Miami Beach.

Haim has even branched out and opened up a designer jewelry company named SKRT. The company is for people with lower budgets who still want to shine. The jewelry is gold plated, based with stainless steel and sterling silver with cubic zirconia that glistens.

His other brand Hurricane & Co. offers solid gold/diamond jewelry to satisfy their clientele with the higher budgets. After that, Dean Bar Haim believes it is crucial to put money behind businesses that he believes in and continue to find ways to meet the needs of others. That mindset renders it almost impossible for him to ever settle for less.

In closing, tap in with him today to rent a new exotic car for your next Miami trip.

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