Meet Al The Jeweler, Athletes Go-To For new Ice!

Al The Jeweler aka, Al Bekdas left highschool in 2006 to join his family at Labelle Jewelry. Now he is the successful owner of professional sports athlete’s go-to jewelry shop. His family’s NJ storefront has been in business for more than 2 decades. Al’s attention to detail and great people skills have gained him respect from athletes in the tri-state area.  Once he started working with a few athletes, word got around quickly that he was one of the best jewelers in the game. Since then, the demand within professional sports for his competitively priced, high-grade diamond pieces skyrocketed. 

Bobby Portis and Al

Today, Al and his family collaborate with highly touted players in the National Football League & the National Basketball Association. Al is one of the few jewelers that can work fast and keep the same quality as the people who take longer times. His customer service and communication with his clients keep him at the top of the game. When athletes are interested in grabbing some shine, most prefer to dm him through the @Al_Jeweler Instagram. Al answers all of his messages promptly and looks forward to connecting with more customers soon. Labelle Jewelry takes pride in their special rates for all professional athletes. They do all of their work in house and that allows them to cut out the middle man and provide the best prices around. These prices and great service make it a no-brainer for people to work with Al and his family.

Jarvis Landry & Al

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, athletes traveling to the tri-state area loved to come to visit Al during their off-days. Labelle Jewelry has helped stars like Bobby Portis, Otto Porter, and Minnesota’s own, Dalvin CookAlthough Al is busy, he is always ready to take care of new inquiries as promptly as possible. Al’s family has been doing great business since they opened in 1992, and they do not plan on stopping anytime soon.

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