MC Tres & Reggie Son Drop “Get Up” Remix

MC Tres (@mctres14) joins Reggie Son, former BET 106 & Park host (Reggie2ndSon) – then known as Shorty da Prince for the remix to the fan-favorite single “Get Up.” The collaboration from the STL natives follows the release of Tres’ Late Night Flights. project and will live on the soon-to-be-released deluxe version. A short film will accompany the re-release for the viewing pleasure of his fans. “Get Up is a hustler’s anthem. It was only right I reached out to a local legend to collaborate on this Young Badger-produced beat. This one’s for the city..,” said the father of one in a statement.

Opening with a symphony of strings, Tres shocks his listeners back to reality by speaking frankly about his hustler mentality– “I’ve been down and I’ve been up…When it’s time, get up.” MC Tres employs tough love to motivate his listeners to continue pushing towards a personal goal or vision. The seasoned rap act displays his sharp focus and resilience. MC Tres displays his musical and hustler prowess through his motivating yet tough love lyrics. Music is always been a passion for MC Tres. The new record has enough bounce for speakers worldwide.

Listen to the remix to “Get Up” on Spotify below!

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