MBG Bear Is Grinding To Hit Mainstream Success With His Music

When you look at the evolution of the music industry, today more than ever independent artists are choosing to stand strong on their own. In doing so, they’re putting up the extra work to have control over the direction of their career, music, creativity and more! With so much access to create your own brand including social media, rappers like MBG Bear aren’t waiting around for deals to fall out of the sky. In fact, they are building their own foundations to accomplish the goals they want for themselves. Some artists have what it takes to hit the level of success they desire. While others aren’t so fortunate and tend to burn out or give up. For rapper MBG Bear, quitting isn’t even an option.

MGB Bear Continues To Put On For Polk County

Growing up in Polk County, Florida MBG had to learn early on about survival and getting things done for himself. His mom who raised him often had to work long shifts to make ends meet for their family. Although he was an only child, he would often spend time playing with his cousins who lived in the area and frequently visited Daytona Beach. As a Florida boy, swimming became a loved hobby for the rapper who is very skilled at it.

Growing up in the struggle of having to survive with the bare minimum, MBG Bear has grown a strong skin for getting things done inside the trenches! He is no stranger to hard work and incorporates that into his music career. As an independent artist his first goal is to continue building his fan base. This is an artist who fills his music with urban storytelling, substance and some of the obstacles he was faced with growing up. His single “What They On” tells the pain he experienced with the loss of his father. As well as the challenges he had to face jumping off the porch to take care of himself.

What’s Next?

The rap game has been a gamble of life and death for both mainstream and independent rappers. It’s chaotic with the amount of violence you need to maneuver through to stay alive. Although it can be a wild field to work through, MBG Bear believes the rap game is in a creative space. Especially, with the new styles of music video treatments, lyrics, flows and the intervention of social media into the hip-hop culture. Classifying himself as a Hip-Hop / rap artist he hopes to bring to the game platinum records. As well as to becoming a Billboard Top 100 charted artist.

His sizzling single “On the Run” featuring Campaign showcases his more melodic flow. It’s the sneak peek into how versatile he is as an artist. Strategically working on his fan base and growing his online subscribers, the rapper stays consistent with his hustle of building his foundation. Fans of the Florida rapper can also look forward to plenty of new music during the top of the year. For now, press play here at KAZI Magazine on his live performance of trendy track, “What They On”

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