Mazzington Pushing FR Rap Forward

Mazzington has gained hundreds of thousands of streams ever since he started few months ago. One thing that is unique about Mazzington is that he is an independent artist, it is very rare to find a successful independent artist.

This can be hard as he has to fund everything himself from promotions to studio time etc, this made me respect Mazzington a lot.

Mazzington provides a very serious and professional work on his songs but also on his clips. Indeed, each clip is a pleasure to watch for the eyes!

Fans love it, on Youtube Mazzington has more than 260,000 views!

Mazzington not only has gained attention from medias, but he also inspires the new upcoming artists.

Being a successful independent young artist really helps motivate artists not there yet, it helps them believe that they can do it and that they shouldn’t stop.

I look forward to what Mazzington has to bring and I can’t wait to see his success in 2022.

Instagram of Mazzington if you want follow him :

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