Mayzin & Dezmond Dane slow the pace of love down in new single

Everyone is looking for their song of the summer as the day parties pop up in abundance and sundresses and fleece shorts come out. Me, I’m just looking to snuggle up with my lady, sip on some wine and take things slow like my fellow kings Mayzin and Dezmond Dane. “Slow” is a sonnet written to their respective lovers admitting how important they are in their lives. As enamored as they are, there’s no need to rush what feels right.

“It’s like every day Christmas for my Mrs., she gon’ cook, I clean the dishes, meet her halfway and we gon’ paint the perfect little picture” opens Mayzin’s mid-tempo verse that meshes well with the heavily instrumental beat.

Listening to this song feels like I’m at a coffee house listening to a melodic poet, only rather than performing alone he’s got a full band behind him. Why do the least when you can do the most, and make it sound good right? Not for a second does the beautiful sounds overpower his vocal performance though.

Mayzin transitions seamlessly into the bridge, flexing what he can do vocally yet again even with some falsetto. You know it’s real love when a man’s voice goes up a few pitches. The hook comes back around, setting the stage for Dane’s classic baritone voice. While Mayzin sounded like a poet at a mic, Dane’s portion feels like he’s whispering sweet nothings in his lady’s ear while laying on a cot sipping sangria.

“It’s right here and I want it, in all the sickness and health, got me overthinking the basics, I don’t know if you can tell, give my everything for your peace in waves like nobody else, see love is wanting more for someone than you want for yourself.” Boom.

He could’ve ended the verse there but he blessed us with more. I’m always impressed by the pockets and flow switch-ups this guy can do. It feels effortless, and talent mixed with real feelings produces jams just like this. Not to mention all of the Snoh Aalegra references.

Mayzin is coming off the release of his EP Time Away, in addition to single “Make A Way.” I covered Dez’s project Crimson Rose a little while back, and I’m probably more excited than he is for what’s coming next. Crack a bottle, grab your girl, and play “Slow” on a loop. It’s worth it.

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