Mayah Dyson: A Dream Come True

Following your dreams has never been an easy task. It takes hard work, dedication and the will to never giving up, especially when it gets tough. Singer/Songwriter Mayah Dyson’s dream is beginning to manifest itself because of her hardworking and perseverance. The artist started doing Youtube covers, to being on the first season of Kelly Rowland’s Chasing Destiny on BET, performing with Solange Knowles on SNL, to her recent accomplishment: going on tour with one of her Inspirations, India Arie. I spoke with Mayah about her journey, her struggles and her life on tour. Read our conversation below.

Esther: In your own words, who is Mayah Dyson?

Mayah: Mayah Dyson is an artist/singer/songwriter striving to make a difference in the world using her art.

Esther: How would you describe your sound?

Mayah: R&B with hints of Neo soul

Mayah Dyson performing in Boston

Esther: You’ve been singing since you were little, when did you realize you wanted to take this seriously?

Mayah: I didn’t start taking my music career seriously until my junior year of high school. This is also when I found out about Berklee College of Music.

Esther: What was your journey been like? Has there been any mountains you had to overcome?

Mayah: My journey has had a lot of ups and downs but my journey makes me unique so I wouldn’t trade it! The biggest mountain I’ve had to overcome was being eliminated from Chasing Destiny and having to go back to Berklee. Since I technically dropped out of school for the show, when it was time for me to go back I was super behind. So I had to push through 2 years of school with no breaks in order to graduate on time, while also maintaining my artistry because I had such a big platform after the show aired.

Esther: So let’s dig deeper into that. You were on  first season of Kelly Rowland’s Chasing Destiny, tell us what that experience was like for you?

Mayah: Chasing Destiny was an amazing experience. Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson were great as well, they taught me so much. Chasing Destiny showed me that I have what it takes to be in this industry. The elimination just pushed me to work harder on myself and my craft.

Esther: You began your journey doing Youtube covers and now you’re on tour with one of your inspirations the legend, India Arie. Can you tell us what you were feeling when you found out you would be touring with her?

Mayah: It was like a full circle moment when I found out I would be going on tour with India Arie. I was happy, excited, and nervous all at the same time.  I couldn’t believe it at first, but I am so honored to be apart of her team.

Esther: You’re currently on tour, how many cities have you hit so far? What’s life on tour like for you?

Mayah: So far we’ve hit 17 cities! Tour life has been amazing. It’s definitely tiring but this is something that I’ve prayed for, so I’m blessed to have this opportunity. I’m having so much fun and India Arie is such a great person. She everything I thought she would be.

Esther: What are your plans after the Tour?

Mayah: Once I get back to Atlanta I plan on continuing to work on my music and I’m planning to release new material and visuals. I also plan on doing a lot more of my own solo shows.

Your last project “Elevation” was amazing, when should we be expecting another project?

This year definitely!

Esther: For someone that doesn’t know you but wants to get into your music, what song of yours would you recommend as their first listen?

I would recommend Don’t cry and Elevation! Those are my two favorite songs on the project.

For those that are waiting for a sign to listen to Mayah’s music, this is it. Mayah has slowly been making her mark in the industry, and its only a matter of time before the rest of the world is screaming the lyrics to her hits. Get a head start and listen to her latest EP, Elevation.

Keep up with her on Instagram and Twitter to see what she’s up to next.

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