Matiii Is A Honest As They Come : Lyricism and Musical Direction

Music comes from deep within one’s soul. For Matiii, everything else is an accompaniment. Matiii adds, “Music does not come from an instrument, an app, or stuff like that. Those things help the musician express whatever it is he or she desires to express. Music comes from deep within. For me, that means two things. One, it lives inside everybody, and two, it comes from a place of deep silence. The purpose of my music is to bring out the emotions behind this silence. And trust me, you can never run out of the silence you were born with. You can only go deeper.”

All artists believe in the power of the zone. Whether musicians or athletes, all of the best ones have a ritual of retiring within themselves. It may be before a performance or before the morning practice. Their zone, like Matiii’s cradle of silence, helps them put things into perspective just as it helps Matiii put words to its emotions.

She says, “The hustle and bustle of city may sound like noise, but if you listen carefully, there’s a deep hum, a patterned melody within it. Similarly, a huge forest may seem still at first, but with time it will draw your senses to sounds that are full of life and inspiration. For me, within all sounds lie enfolded a deep silence which contains within its emotions that are beautiful, delicate, clear, graceful and powerful.”

Matiii’s faith in the power of silence and the beauty in the emotions it contains is both inspiring and contagious. We wish her the best!

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