Mat Randol Releases “Youology/What’s Your Vibe?” Official Video

Portland artist and songwriter Mat Randol offers a new coming in his “Youology/What’s Your Vibe? video. Known for his conscious and concise bars, this release takes his talent to new musical heights. You will a more mature side to the rapper, as his on camera swagger is felt throughout.

 In this visual you will see the Portland native channeling different versions of himself, to reach a higher point of existing. By facing his self, he comes to terms with all of his trials and tribulations, remaining true to his lyrics and audience. Directed by Caitlin Indermaur, this visual has two completely different scenes that intrigue the body, mind and soul. The serene waterfall that appears around the 2:03 mark, is breathtaking. 

Some notable bars from this release are “I tell them that I’m vibe chasing mind racing, apply patience, use to lust for Sanaa Lathan in Brown Sugar type.” As his melodic word play thrives, the Keyel & Dalure produced beat, adds a level of vulnerability in a simplistic way.

The dopest part about this visual is the cameo Randol’s son makes. As he prides himself on being a prominent father and role model to his son, you can see the love he has for him. You will hear his mini me say “daddy I love you, daddy I’m proud of you” in a very sweet and enduring way.

As he continues grow as a man and artist, his music is a deep reflection of his journey. This song appears on his Art of Allowing EP available for streaming everywhere. Press play below to view Mat Randol’s “Youology/What’s Your Vibe?” video.

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