Marv Mack is monstrous in new visual

Some artists travel down to SXSW for their own sets, to try and finesse a deal, or simply bask in the musical ambience. For Brooklyn’s Marv Mack, this was an opportunity to travel somewhere new and tap into a different side of his creativity. This boisterous video for “Pull Up” makes the artist feel larger than life, and the energy he brings lyrically puts an emphatic stamp on one thing – he’s not to be messed with.

The video opens with him exiting a big wheeled monster truck, fully embracing the mantra that everything is bigger in Texas. There’s fire surrounding him, and the neck brace around his neck indicates there was some type of struggle. Perhaps a nod to what he’s had to endure in his music career so far? Things shift and he’s a lot more lively, dancing around as he rips off the brace before entering a barn.

My personal favorite part has to be him traversing through the Costco parking lot, and whipping a random bystander with a loaf of bread. It has to be embarrassing to be on the receiving end of whole wheat to the face. Especially your own bread you paid for. Mack spends the video describing how marvelous he is, and that people don’t ride the type of whips he has. Evidently, the bread incident was also a ploy to get a new whip so he could use the parts.

It’ll be interesting to see the direction he goes next. The grit and aggression are certainly there. All you really need is consistency and continued evolution. Check out “Pull Up” and watch your head for bread.

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