Marrico Unveils ‘The Wave Tape’

Hidden gem from Maryland Marrico curates unique sounding ‘The Wave Tape’

Marrico blends ingenuity from his job as a creative director into a smooth sounding project, ‘The Wave Tape.’ Stemming from the DMV and residing in Atlanta, Rico ties in both world to create a four track EP; that brings out cool elements of both regions.

A solid mixture of beats accompany his use of different vocal tones which captured my attention immediately. It’s simplistic yet complex at the same time and I enjoy that very much so! I implore more rising artists to make their own sound and polish it as opposed to go after established niches.

Thus you can see Marrico personality shine as opposed to him conforming to “the status quo.” Being comfortable with yourself is key to building a fan base and Rico is well on his way. With his college education at The Art Institute Of Washington, Marrico is well equipped to curate consistent, long lasting music.

If he continues to release music similar to ‘The wave Tape’ then he just might have something special brewing very soon. His music is on all DSPs so if you;re looking for new artist then this guy might be one.

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