Mark McCafferty Drops New EP, ‘BLUEM’

Mark McCafferty has become one of the more promising emerging acts from the Garden State. The 19-year-old rapper and producer has been heating up since dropping his Summer 2018 single, “Expecting A Call.” The EP currently has over 250K streams across all platforms. With his older brother and TOP SHLF visionary, Brenden McCafferty, Mark has established his refreshingly unique style. The cloud rap helped create a strong local fanbase. “His uncanny ability to pivot between melodies and dense, layered rhyming prove he is ahead of his years,” writer Carter Ferryman complimented Mark in his recent Burbsent interview

We now have Mark McCafferty’s debut EP, BLUEM — an intimate 6-track body of work. It finds the young artist navigating through the growing pains of life. Addressing everything from family struggles to his budding paranoia from shifty friends. Mark finds strength in his vulnerability on this mellow yet very candid project. “Opposition never let em in/Know that they were plotting, scheming, never genuine/Lot of reasons I ain’t settling/Momma still hurting, working for them benjamins,” Mark raps on the intro, “Red Light.” 

Features on the project include Dante Miles and Ish Williams. While production credit goes out to Ashton McCreight, pilotkid, Marow, Pieper Beats, and flowers in narnia. 

“BLUEM is an EP written entirely by me, dedicated to three loved ones who were, and still are, my biggest inspirations in life when it comes to creating: the late Timothy “Blues” Farley, Nicholas J. Farley and Frankie J. Forant Jr. I used this project to touch on the importance of balancing the good with the bad, my lost friendships and relationships..sometimes you have to re-evaluate your mindset. The times I thought I was being dug six feet under, I was really just preparing to grow six feet taller. To listeners feeling swallowed by their own haven’t been buried, perhaps you’ve been planted. BLUEM,”

Mark McCafferty

Inspiring listeners to weather their storm, and grow from the challenging times, Mark offers an impressive debut EP. Fans can expect the official music video for “Red Light” to drop in the coming weeks. In the meantime, stream the EP below. Lastly, give Mark McCafferty a follow on Instagram to stay up-to-date with his forthcoming releases. 

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