Mariah The Scientist Lives In ‘RY RY WORLD’

Mariah The Scientist is an angelic singer/songwriter from the Eastside of Atlanta. Her music is an in-depth view of her everchanging mindset as a young twentysomething in today’s unique social climate. Mariah’s sophomore effort RY RY WORLD is 10 tracks long with features from Young Thug and Rap’s MVP, Lil Baby. Moreover, her newest LP is easily a step in the right direction. The spacey yet somber project goes through various ranges in emotion to keep listeners engaged. Songs like “Aura” & “2 You” are an ode to the style of music her fans came to love on her first album. Although, tracks like “Brain” & “Always n Forever” show the evolution of the former St. John’s University biology major.

Mariah The Scientist
Photo By Gunner Stahl

Following the success of her critically acclaimed major label debut Master, Mariah knew she had a tough project to follow. The pressure did not affect her as she knows her self-reflective style will never lead her wrong. If you have ever loved or lost love, you can relate to Mariah The Scientist. Her ability to accurately describe feelings that are rarely vocalized with her silky smooth voice is a gift. With mesmerizing eyes, a calm but demanding demeanor, and an infectious personality, it is clear that Mariah is here to stay. Furthermore, we discussed her interesting music, zodiac signs, and impressive new LP, RY RY WORLD.

Check out our fun new interview with ATL’s own, Mariah The Scientist here!

AD: First things first, please introduce yourself to those who do not know who Mariah The Scientist is?

Mariah The Scientist: I’m Mariah The Scientist. A singer/songwriter from the Eastside of Atlanta. I do think there are still many people who do not know just yet, but we are going to change that!

AD: You are based in ATL at the moment. How would you say that area has helped you musically if it has at all?

Mariah The Scientist: I mean, I am from here, so it is what I know best. I love it, though. Truthfully, I like Outkast a lot. When I started making music, I wasn’t living in Atlanta, though. As of late, though, the city has been inspiring me. I was so closed off in college.

AD: So I don’t think it is easy to have a social life and be good at science so how was it for you to study biology at St. John’s in New York? Also, does that mean you and J. Cole have to do a song now?

Mariah The Scientist: I mean you can, some people did. I was really to myself, though, and did not want to be bothered by anybody. I had a hoodie on every day; I could not wait to get out of class. It’s crazy when people tell me that they remember me from school because I was really lowkey. *laughs* I don’t even think J. Cole knows who I am right now, but I would love to make that happen.

AD: Your sound is very different from contemporary R&B. Do you find it difficult to find people to work with who can cater to your sound?

Mariah The Scientist: I do not like to really box my sound into just one category. I do like finding beats on my own and then working.

mariah The Scientist
Photo By Gunner Stahl

AD: Your ascension in music has been clouded by COVID unfortunately so shows and tours have not been a possibility. Are you looking forward to doing in-person shows and if so, what songs are you looking forward to performing?

Mariah The Scientist: At first, I wasn’t. I am now! Honestly, I am tired of the virtual shows and much more looking forward to the in-person shows. I just do not know what it will look like just yet. Moreover, I am extremely excited to perform my song “All For Me” and my song “Walked In” with Young Thug off my new album.

AD: You have Young Thug and Lil Baby on the upcoming album, that has to be exciting. What do you want people to take from your next LP?

Mariah The Scientist: I found the beat on YouTube like I do most of my beats, honestly. I thought that the song with Thug was too provocative, so I was skipping it. I will keep it a stack. When I was recording it, Kodak Black was in the other room, and I just burst into the room. I was telling everybody I just made a fire new song yall have to hear it. Kodak loved it!

After that, I was like, let me send this to Thug because I need him on here. I sent it to him, and he was like, sure I got you. Shoot, I had to link with him in the studio and basically say, let’s get this done. Lil Baby, it was a tad bit harder, but once he got that record, he did it really fast. I did not know him at the time, but I appreciate him a lot.

AD: I was introduced to your music on Trippie Redd’s project and have been a fan ever since. How did life change after “Abandoned” come about?

Mariah The Scientist: Life did not change much after. I will say that a lot of people reached out to work after it came out. Truthfully, I am a little mad because I have not out streamed it on my own yet. Therefore, I guess I have to come second to it.

AD: Online and in real life it seems as if you are super personable, fashionable, and full of good energy is present. Is this true and if so why?

Mariah The Scientist: Honestly, everything I wear on there is something I want to be comfortable in. Depending on what I am feeling is what I will wear. You know how some women do like skin-tight clothes, stripper heels, and all that. I cannot really get comfortable in that type of stuff sometimes. Mainly, whatever I am wearing affects my mood, and I truly won’t be at my best unless I’m comfortable.

AD: From your music, I can tell that you are extremely intuitive and attentive. Would you say that this is true? Are you big into astrology?

Mariah The Scientist: I will not say I am an expert, but I do know a lot about it. I do believe I am very attentive. There is nothing a n*gga can get past me, *laughs*. I am almost like the FBI when it comes to some stuff. When it comes to Astrology, though, like I will bring it up in conversation, I do not think much about it. I will ask, though! What is your sign?


AD: I am a Sagittarius! I’ve seen that you are a Scorpio so I know it is clear that you all get what you want out of life and can be a little passive aggressive.

Mariah The Scientist: Have you heard of the term Saggiterrorist *smiles hard*. Yeah, I have heard that a lot before. I experienced one before, and yall could most definitely be terrorists to people. I have experienced a Saggiterrorist.

AD: When I first heard “Note To You” I was like this is my favorite type of music because you are spicy on there. Was this a diss and if so, you definitely did it right!?

Mariah The Scientist: On God, it was most definitely a diss! I promise you. So you know I am signed to Tory Lanez. He did a song with the guy I was dating at the time. The guy had sent back a verse to Tory, and it was dissing me?! Tory was like, “did he diss you on my record? Is he bugging out”? So, he obviously did not put it out, but right after, I was turned up. Therefore, I went to the studio and went at him on “Note To You“.

AD: Do you see a change in the way people treat you since you have become a popular recording artist?

Mariah The Scientist: I will say it is most definitely growing pains. Often, my family believes it is literally my job to get pretty and dressed up. I talk to my mom and dad often, but outside of that, I really only talk to the person I am dating day to day. The perception of my job can cloud what it is in reality. Being an entertainer is just my job right now.

AD: If you had dinner and could only invite 5 people whose work you enjoy(DOA) who would those people be?

Mariah The Scientist: I would take them to a restaurant in Hawaii called Duo! It is so amazing with the best food. I would take Andre 3000, Lauryn Hill. This is so hard, like this is a good question. Hmm, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, and Whitney Houston. They have all inspired me without a doubt.

AD: What do you want people to know about Mariah The Scientist that they do not know now? Also, what are your plans for the rest of 2021?

Mariah The Scientist: I want people to know I can do many things. I kept the name Mariah the Scientist because I am multifaceted and competent. Very blessed. Not to be underestimated. My plans for 2021 are to work hard, travel, have fun, and make memories that will last forever. 

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