Maria Krauss – The Rising Pop Star Getting More Than Recognized

Maria Krauss – The singer songwriter from Warminster, Pennsylvania has been making quite the name for herself between the Hip-Hop and Rock communities recently with her versatile stylings of RnB sliding the scale with each release and performance she gives. Some songs from which you can hear her originality directly include “All I Need”, “Bad Ones”,and “Worst Enemy” All three of which have video of her live performances at the Life Is Beautiful Festival: 2022 specifically having taken place a mere two months ago during the month of September all the way in Las Vegas, Nevada. . During these performances Maria Krauss is accompanied by and musically supported by Rory Miller on the guitar. These live performance videos on the “Rising Stars Stage” presented by Sessions can be found on her official YouTube page “Maria Krauss” conveniently linked below. The recent high school graduate rocked the stage like no other song after song, killing each and every performance from stage presence to hitting each and every single note absolutely perfectly. This performance by Maria Krauss reminds us of a time machine, we can already see the bright future ahead based simply on the first impression that these performances gave us. We here at Kazi Magazine along with all of her friends, family and her fans, her biggest supporters are all eagerly awaiting her next move. One thing is for certain, whatever that next move may be. Be it another stellar live performance, a full-scale album, or even just a single; Maria Krauss is sure to deliver to nobody’s disappointment. Stream and follow Maria Krauss below for the most up to date releases and information.

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