Marcuus Lawrence Stepping Foot into the music game

It’s not old news that Marcuus Lawrence is a young successful entrepreneur. Coming from Nothern France, Marcuus Lawrence has had much success running his own business which includes an influencer marketing agency.

Now that Marcuus is stepping into the music game, he’s making a name for himself. As a successful business owner, he is also bringing his success to his music with his track “Ma Moula” hitting over 10,000 Spotify streams. Yet it might seem he has had an easy run as an artist, he has actually put in the work and effort to grow his name in the music game, “I have worked hard to come this far to have 6 tracks all prepped up. I was lucky to have found my passion at an early age, but it is not easy to maintain touch with my musical side and continue to run my business.”

Marcuus has worked hard on his business and now it’s time to work hard on his passion. With the hustle, age, and work ethic Marcuus has done everything to earn the success that he’s achieved. From a successful entrepreneur to a musical genius.

Marcuus Lawrence is a young, new, and successful entrepreneurial artist and is on track to becoming one of the faces of Music. Go Check Out Marcuus Lawrence on Spotify Now:

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