Mandy Groves Learns Fast Lessons On Letting Go With New BLAME EP

On Wednesday, Mandy Groves released the soulful BLAME EP. It’s a 5 track love song to the lessons learned in the loss of relationships. The dreamy blend of Pop and R&B echoes the disorientation of heartbreak, but Groves avoids wallowing in the blues by reminding us how refreshingly powerful self-accountability can be. “In the process of writing these songs and creating them, I gained a lot of perspectives and I also got closer to closure with the issues I wrote about,” she said.

Letting go and moving on is a difficult lesson for all of us to learn and BLAME lets its listeners in on how Groves dealt with loss and finding the freedom of acceptance. “This EP came from a sudden burst of inspiration following multiple fallouts with toxic people in my life,” she shared. “I had actually been feeling like I couldn’t write for a couple of weeks and suddenly, as I addressed these emotions I had, I was able to write the entire EP in a week.”

Inspiration took over and she finished the entire project faster than she thought possible. “Once I had written the EP, I set a crazy goal for myself that I wanted it [done] in just one month,” she continued. “The stress that came with that was hard to deal with but worth it.”

On top of the weight of attempting to churn out a fully formed music project in 30 days, the singer/dancer/actress already stretches herself delicately across industries. As such, the quick turnover for BLAME felt like a huge undertaking. “Making time to sit in on the beat-making process, record and weigh-in on mixing was insane because I was also doing a large commercial shoot at the time. My life was wardrobe fittings and filming and music and sometimes sleep,” she laughed. “I had an amazing team with me, who I am so thankful for, and we did it! From concept to the finished product in one month.”

BLAME is available to stream and download now!

BLAME highlights the various stages of grief through lenses of courage and maturity.  In “Mourning” she empathizes with finding out that people aren’t exactly who they say are, but in “Guilty” she tells us that she’s willing to take the blame for any of those lost relationships—romantic, platonic, and professional. Taking responsibility for what we’ve done is important, but it’s equally imperative that we fully own the decision to walk away. Removing the toxicity from your life can hurt when it’s ascribed to people we care about, but on the other side of that cloud is a chance at self-determination. We get to decide who we want to be and how others see us with every new choice we make.

“It was really the first time that I really took the pain I was feeling and channeled it and it helped me get through a difficult time. I am thankful for that closure,” Groves recalled. “It was taxing, however, to feel that all at once and deal with it as a project…Healing is always a work in progress, but over the short month of working on this EP, I learned a lot about myself and I was able to apply the things I was learning in real time. I plan to keep moving forward at this same speed and with the same strength I’ve found through BLAME.”

BLAME is now available to stream and download on all major platforms. Click below to listen!  

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