Mally Mall Arrested After SWAT Team Raided His Home For Human Trafficking and Exotic Animals

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reality star and producer, Mally Mall was woken up to the SWAT team raiding his San Fernando Valley home early Wednesday morning (April 3rd). Initially, the reasonings behind the raid were unknown but according to reports by The Blast, it was due to an endangered exotic monkey.

According to TMZ, a SWAT team surrounded the producers’ home before moving in to serve a search warrant. The operation was reportedly in progress since before sunrise. The California Fish and Wildlife reportedly revealed they’d conducted the early raid as part of an ongoing investigation into possession of exotic animals. The official said agents were able to identify a Cotton-top tamarin monkey on Mally’s Instagram and sprang into action to rescue the “critically endangered primate.” Mall has been known to have exotic animals in his possession in the past.

The officials contacted the LAPD to assist with the rescue to successfully seize the monkey. Fish and Wildlife officials are working with Los Angeles prosecutors on possible charges. The raid is part of a double-barreled investigation for human trafficking and trafficking of exotic animals. Law enforcement reports claim that LAPD’s Robbery/Homicide division, in conjunction with CA Fish & Wildlife, served the search warrant.

Mally Mall has since been arrested. Stay tuned as we will keep you updated as the story develops.

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