Malc impresses with third project “P2”

Often times with music, I’m most impressed when an artist can blend consistency with evolution, brevity with impact, and really just rap their ass off. I’ve been blown away by yet another project from New Jersey, this time the lyrical assassin Malc.

Over P2 you can hear and feel his motor moves a bit faster than the normal person. The “P” stands for “progression” and that takes on many forms. The cover art shows a young Malc, so obviously his growth through life. It’s his third project in three years. The strongest example would have to be his improvement throughout the seven-song tape itself.

I enjoyed it more and more with each song. The opener “All In” is hard. A true statement to kick things off. Even with a great beat with bells and whistles, his lyrics take center stage. He’s not reliant on beats to make his music great, but rather he brings great flows and leaves no room to doubt his ability.


“Odds” is a favorite. He opens discussing watching his father pass away and mother lose her job within two years. Yet he confidently walks through life and has claimed this year as his own. “Pardon, I know some of y’all don’t wanna hear this conscious shit, just know I make music for the motherfuckers with some common sense.”

It’s not just music, it’s storytelling. This all comes from a real place, making it easier to connect to and understand. It’s not the cars, money, and women a lot of rappers discuss but don’t actually have. It’s documenting the come up.

Sole feature Twice joins the action for “Stressing”. It’s another transparent track addressing the fears and insecurities that keep us up at night. A reflection on rock bottom and the trauma it can cause. Yet, it’s not somber. It almost sounds celebratory. You can only go up from rock bottom, after all. The two deliver honest verses, matching flows and showing off just what they can do. It almost feels competitive, but still collaborative.

What did I learn? Malc is good. This will find its way into my playlists. The aggression he brings will be perfect for those last few bench press sets at the gym when it feels the weight of the world is on me. Isn’t that what music is all about? Feeling something and being transported somewhere? I can see myself sitting there, watching Malc consider his life and the next moves. It’s vivid imagery. He’s not flaunting his life but inviting you to look into his world. Progression for sure.

Press play on P2 and learn more about this New Jersey wordsmith.

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