Malachi, more soul than not

Malachi is not just another disc jockey; he is a devotee and a family man. When you think of a DJ, you think of someone who likes to live life on the go and is carefree. But that’s not Malachi! He takes his music seriously and wants to touch the soul of every person who is willing to give his music a chance.

At the core of their heart, every DJ wants to spread happiness and have a good time, and Malachi is no different. Raised in the southern melting pot of central Florida, Malachi was raised under faith and family principles.

Being close to them is what attracted Malachi toward music in the first place. It is evident from his first birthday picture where he is sitting on a piano, almost knowing what the future holds for him. His grandmother was a music lover, which reflected on his dad and other family members. That is one reason Malachi was able to learn instruments like guitar and drums at the young age of six.

When it came to learning music, Malachi initially replicated everything with his father; cousins, and siblings. He learned a lot about traditional music within his house’s boundaries, but things changed when an older friend introduced him to studio music at the age of twelve. He started creating loops and beats on his own, and that was just the beginning.

Music used to be just a profession to Malachi, but he had a revelation after a family tragedy. Unfortunately, he lost his beloved brother and partner in crime due to a deadly disease, sickle cell. That was when Malachi realized that his purpose was to create music and establish an emotional connection with people. He believes that feelings, good or bad, can be communicated effectively via music.

Someone inspires every young artist, and for Malachi, artists like Jay Z and Lauryn Hill.

He is also highly inspired by the late Nipsey Hussle and both his rapping and lifestyle. They are the reason he walked on this path without worrying about not succeeding.

Malachi is a team man, and he gives his 100% when he works on any project. From talent management to video production, Malachi likes tapping into every aspect of the industry and does it wholeheartedly.

As a man who likes to dabble into everything, Malachi’s next album is a mixture of multiple genres. It’s his dream to connect with as many people as possible; and exploring different genres allows him to broaden his horizons.

His project DJ MALACHI FT is expected to roll out soon in 2021, and he has put all his heart into it. The album focuses on self-healing, emotional connections, and nourishment.

Malachi himself believes that the greatest accomplishment of his life is to wake up every day and to be able to work on music. He loves living this dream and wants to go as far as he can.

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