MajWitthaMagnum, Los Angeles rapper and producer unveils his eagerly-awaited mixtape, Too Hard To Handle. The 12-track offering boasts features from ERIICH, Chloeezyy, and Dmar—stream HERE. The new tape is a trip into the mind of the LA-bred rapper.

Speaking on the release, Maj shared, “The inspiration behind this project was really just me being a producer and always being in the studio like I can probably out-rap who I’m producing for. Shit wasn’t moving fast enough for me so I felt I had to take shit into my own hands to have my family eating. I feel like my work ethic helped improve those around me for sure. In three months, I probably have like 70 songs and I only record on weekends. Once I got the ball rolling with this rap shit and started getting shows, I knew shit was just gonna go crazy.”

MajWitthaMagnum added, “What I want most out of this project, is to break the ice. I feel like the talent pool in LA is crazy and it goes unnoticed even when it’s damn near the center of the industry.  Although there is a typical style known for the West Coast and LA, I want to be able to show my versatility with the many projects I put out. Once the fans see my bag and what I can do, I’m going to know what they want the most from me. I want fans to be able to listen to these songs and want to come back and listen again.”

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