Maj3sty Talks Upbringing And Upcoming Debut Album

North Carolina is home to hip-hop icons J. Cole and Rapsody. They gave the world DaBaby, Morray, Anthony Hamilton, and Fantasia. But the one up next is MAJ3STY. A silent and humble young artist who has a hustle similar to a young Jay-Z, Nipsey Hussle, and P. Diddy. Although he didn’t grow up in the streets, his hardship and experience in life have matured him into a businessman and a different type of hustler. We gave him the floor and this is what he had to say:“Growing up for me wasn’t anything street-related. I was never battling drugs and I had parents that did their best to keep a big roof on our heads and a full fridge. I’m not from the streets so, I’m not able to approach the game in that way. But I have endured hardship and pain, which is something that everyone seems to build relationships within the music industry. I remember being molested by two girls who were older than me and almost drowning in the process. I remember being followed home from school and having sunflower seeds spat on me as I walked to my house. I remember being spit on while on the bus. I remember being jumped by kids older than me in front of my house. I remember my house being egged by white boys and having my bike stolen out of my garage. I remember fighting a kid older than me in my driveway. I remember being verbally abused by my dad.

These are things that I endured in elementary school. I remember wanting to commit suicide from the age of 10 up until 24 years of age. I remember so much more than that. But I also remember being so high from marijuana and so drunk from Henny that I built a facade that I can’t even fully make sense of. Some things about my young adulthood, I don’t remember. But I do remember that I haven’t always been my true self. I was beaten up and exiled so much growing up that I hid the fact that I have a high IQ. I tried to suppress my creativity. I hid how loving I was. I hid my heart. When I look back at my mistakes in life, my past in college is clouded by angel dust and ganjah laced with cocaine. Unfortunately, smoking laced blunts weren’t something that I sought to do. I remember being homeless and sleeping in a 1998 Volvo 4-door sedan with a 4 weak American Staffordshire Terrier puppy. For 8 months we lived off of can food, bread, peanut butter, and honey. Those days were a time that made me stronger, but they also made me lose a lot of people. I remember sneaking into Marriott near where I would park my car. I would go in there doing check-in times, which were early in the day. I would walk in there with nice clothes, which were clothes that I slept in. I remember through the lobby and doing my best to act normal, analyzing the bottom floor for a bathroom sign so I didn’t look suspicious, calmly walking to the bathroom and closing the door. I remember locking the door and using hand soap and that water to bathe with. But this isn’t even half of my life.

My upcoming debut album is going to tell the remaining parts that I am not able to say. A 30 track album that I have taken the time to tweak, build a story, and master to the point that I don’t mind listening to my own songs on repeat. I want my music to speak for me so that I don’t have to explain my story. I want to be able to speak words of wisdom, while my music speaks about my experiences, heart, and thoughts. During my hardships in life, I met people who would tell me that GOD showed them who I was before I even knew I was somebody. That has been one of the hardest things for me to accept, that sometimes people will see the greatness in you before you will see it in yourself. The album has so many roots and a mixture. I don’t believe that I can fit into one set genre, my genre is endless. But my goal is to give people the truth, righteousness, and the gospel with religion and a bias. I believe that this album will change the game.

”To learn more about Maj3sty and get the updates for his upcoming debut album visit the following
Listen to Maj3sty’s latest hit single “Last Trumpet.”

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