Maiya The Don Is Mainstream Music’s Latest Viral Sensation

As we’ve witnessed, women have been dominating music for a while now. Especially when it comes to the worlds of hip-hop and rap. Recently when discussing the female leading lyricists Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, GloRilla, Latto, Baby Tate, Lakeyah, Erica Banks, and a few others are mentioned appropriately. With that being said, the aforementioned artists, as well as a few others, have earned their places in today’s Hip-Hop landscape. But nevertheless, the city of New York is frequently overlooked or underappreciated. While femcees like Young Devyn, Lola Brooke, Kenzo B, and Maliibu Miitch continue to rise out of the concrete jungle to let fans know this new wave of mainstream music is here to stay. Amongst artists making a name for themselves in the country’s most populous city, Maiya The Don drops in to make sure you never forget her name when discussing today’s rising stars, regardless of gender! 

Maiya the Don Is In Her Telfy

Definitely in her bag with this one, NY femcee Maiya The Don delivers on her new trendy track titled, “Telfy”! In fact, her breakout banger has the Brooklyn-bred baddie breaking the internet as she shows love to the popular Black-owned handbag brand. The raved record serves as an ode to self-worth disguised as influencer marketing for a designer bag. Being in one’s bag is a shorthand for being in a space so comfortable that it inspires success. In this case, the bag in question is a literal Telfar bag, reinforcing her status even more. Despite the usual rap showboating — the whole point of “TELFY” is that she’d still be an unstoppable force for cool even without the brands. However, the unrivaled energy is fueled by Maiya’s strutting, self-assured performance. As she rumbles through the verses, she draws the attention of everyone in her line of sight.

Her rapid rise to stardom kicked off after sharing a snippet from her raved record to social media. With her sizzling single “Telfy”, Maiya The Don has set the tone for the fall. As a result, the fierce femcee floats over the beat. Powered by a Sisqo sample, she glides from punchline to punchline. The single lets the prominent sample of Sisqo’s “Thong Song” do the majority of the work. Other than affixing bigger rap drums to its base — the track otherwise is left uncut and unblemished.

Maiya The Don | Photographed By: Dani D Productions | @danidproductions
Photographed By: Dani D Productions | @danidproductions

The Don Delivers Designer Rhymes

The assurance with which Maiya The Don raps is part of what distinguishes her as a truly unique trailblazing talent. On the record it’s as if she transfers her confidence to the listener with every rhyme she delivers, breathing life into every line. From the jump as the track opens up, fans can’t help but to rap along with the New York native. 

The infectious production paired with her confidence shines through her laced lyrics with a catchy cadence on “Telfy”. Named after the popular Telfar Bag, Maiya the Don, uses a Sisqo sample to make her point. 

Bad b*tch in the function/Johnny Dang on the chain, it’s custom/Walk through when I’m lookin’ like a hottie/Lil baby want to menage wit’ the body, it’s bussin…” she spits.

After receiving two million reviews, Maiya decided to release the full version. In doing so, she arrives with another surprise for the Shaan Mehta-produced track. Living high off the hype, she unveiled the highly anticipated visual following her BTS clips shared to social media. In fact, The Don initially previewed “Telfy” on TikTok, but the demand for this release quickly grew on social media! It has since proven to be one of the hottest records coming out of NYC to wrap up 2022. Don’t believe me? Press play here at KAZI Magazine and let us know what you think!


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