Mack Keane Releases ‘Dry Creek Rd’ EP

Mack Keane has released his third EP titled Dry Creek Rd. “The EP Dry Creek Rd is a journey of looking back on the past in order to move forward,” the artist stated. It’s composed of four songs self-produced and written by Mack himself.

“The importance of the EP name comes from the fact that it is where my grandmother’s house is. Throughout the changes that have gone on in my life, her house has always stayed the same. It has been a standing symbol for what has always been important to me: family, love, and the appreciation of life. So this EP is dedicated to that. While the EP deals with suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, toxic relationships, and nostalgia, I find the name to be very fitting because it is my family’s home that puts me back to center throughout all these experiences of mine.”

After the four-song listen, the listener feels like they know and understand Mack a little bit better. He walks you through his highest of highs, his lowest of lows, and everything in between. Dry Creek Rd is yet another step forward for Mack Keane and his artistry.


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