M3LO Capone Is Bigger Than His Music

M3LO Capone considers himself fortunate not only to be able to watch his music career unfold before his eyes, but also to be able to grow older in today’s climate. Raised on Chicago’s south side, the unavoidable trauma of losing friends at a young age, as well as run-ins with corrupt cops, have all contributed to his wisdom and substance in his lyrics. In doing so, M3LO unveils the visuals for his latest offering, “Popstar“.

Stepping on the scene from Illinois, M3LO Capone moves the masses with his music! Although his hometown has produced rap icons such as Chief Keef, Chance The Rapper, and Ye, it has recently gained notoriety for civil unrest. Despite being in Chicago almost every single day, M3LO Capone admits that he is “always on my P’s & Q’s.” And, contrary to popular belief, rappers should leave their hometown once they strike it rich, according to Capone:

“I feel like they should leave their hometown once they reach a certain level of success because of envious people. They’re mad you made it pass them when they were with you, when you were normal, or from the same place as you,” he continues.

M3LO Capone Speaks On The Chicago Culture

Capone mentions the influence that rappers like Lil Durk have had on the city when asked about the resources available to developing Chicago artists.

“They put an eye on Chicago for sure but I feel the Internet is the only tool an artist has to develop themselves. This is now an important resource and tool that everyone has, and the best sound and connections will develop into the next star”.

When asked which celebrities he would like to work with, Capone says:

“I’ll do a feature with Lil Baby. I respect the grind, the image, and what bro [is] doing for his people. He made way for his friends to make a way for [their] people, coming from the
streets. I need that type of energy on my album or mixtape because I’m on the same type of

Fans can expect new music from Lil Baby and M3LO Capone as we await the possibility of a collaboration. He is “currently deciding the release dates” for two upcoming mixtapes, which he is very excited about. With the official titles All Gas No Breaks and The Come Back, Capone wants audiences to know that he will be dropping videos and singles on a regular basis until their release. When asked what message he wants to convey through his music, he says:

 “I want people to turn up. But if I want to make a slow real song it’s going to, for sure, have more
game and knowledge in there than a party banger”.

What’s Next?

Staying booked and busy, M3LO Capone is gearing up to unleash back to back bangers all 2023! For now, press play on the rising rhymer’s latest single “Popstar” here at KAZI Magazine! Lastly, let us know what you think!



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