Lyrica Anderson Gives Us The 411 on Her New Album ‘Bad Hair Day’

Lyrica Anderson just released her fourth studio album “Bad Hair Day.”  Whether you’re a fan of her pen game, voice or TV personality life you’ll want to tune in to her most personal work yet. Having worked with the likes of Beyonce, Chris Brown, Lady Gaga, and more, Lyrica’s talent has spoken for itself over the years. “Bad Hair Day” attests to this with its heartfelt singles that express the current state of her life over the course of a year. From public relationship trials, being a new mother and managing a fast paced career, the album gives women a chance to relate and really feel where Lyrica is coming from.

The women in R&B have been having a great year so it’s only right we get yet another album to sing our hearts out to with a bottle of wine and hopefully no tears. “Bad Hair Day” is special for the fact it is the first time Lyrica took complete control over the content and sound she delivered to fans. This one is personal and real for her. 

“You never know what days you’re going to have a bad hair day and I feel like that goes along with how you never know what life is going to give you. It’s like you have to make the best out of the situation. With the album, the same feelings occur within a relationship some days are bad compared to others but you push through.”

When your hair doesn’t come together as you envisioned it, it’s frustrating. A bad hair day can literally ruin the rest of your day for women much like a bad day with your partner can as well. A feeling that women (and some men) know all too well. 

I had the pleasure of speaking with Lyrica right after the album release to discuss all things “Bad Hair Day” navigating through her career and just her overall growth. Through all the controversy in the media, Lyrica has a story to tell and is setting the record straight with this new project. 

What was it like creating ‘Bad Hair Day?’

“This was a very personal album and I started last year so it took me about a year to finish it. It was very hard for me because I was literally going through these things. So to have to go to a hotel and take my baby with me, acting a fool because my guy was acting a fool, was hard. But it was like therapy for me in the moment to just write about these feelings and put it into my album.”

How was it preparing to release an album during quarantine?

“It was hard, really hard because quarantine has truly limited us. Right now I want to go do a show, fans want to hear me perform ‘Marriott’ or ‘Plot Twist’ and I can’t go out there and do that which is frustrating. I’ve been doing what I can, but I miss being out there.”

Did you consider pushing the release back?

“Yes I did! My team wouldn’t let me which I’m still kind of upset about. I begged them, I was like ‘Yo it’s quarantine it’s just not the best time. I want to drop videos and stuff so let’s just wait.’ But I kept telling them and they just were saying let’s release it now. But quarantine has definitely made people step up their grind and go harder.” 

How do you feel about your growth as an artist over the years? 

“This album shows the most growth to me.  It’s 100% real and my story. Also, I worked with a new team of producers on this one compared to others that I truly meshed well with. I love sharing my story because I know other women, girls and even some men can relate to it. This album truly reflects my sound and what I have to offer.”

What are your favorite tracks on ‘Bad Hair Day?’

“Of course I love Act a Fool, I love Plot Twist and Brain are probably my favorites. I like ‘Brain’ because it’s the only stripped down guitar record up there. And ‘Lyfted’ is also one of those summer songs I just love. And ‘Plot Twist’ is special because it’s the third track of my story of what I was actually going through after having stayed at the Marriott hotel and stuff. The lyrics are just dope, like a love triangle kind of. It’s so hard to pick just one favorite.”

How old were you when you found your voice? Was it songwriting then singing? Or you kind of always did both.

“About 15, I realized music was something I wanted to do. I would be in the car with my mom singing and one day she told me I sounded good and to keep doing it basically. I always did both (singing and writing), it was never one or the other for me. They just went hand in hand.”

How has being on reality tv aided in your music career? Or hindered it in any ways?

“It kind of hindered it because people see me on television and forget I’m in the music industry and so they tend to only remember the drama and negative things they see about me or judge me. In the beginning it was really hard for me putting my life out there but now I’m just like whatever, f*ck it.”

Where do you draw inspiration from? Where does your creativity flow from?

“Really just from the things I’ve experienced and have been going through at the moment. My music really reflects how I felt in certain moments.”

Are there any artists you would like to work with whether writing wise or singing together? 

“Drake for sure and Swae Lee. He’s really bomb.”

How has balancing being a new mother and having such a fast busy life and marriage? 

“It’s definitely been a lot. Like my mom had my son because I had to leave and he got so sad, like he put his head down even though we told him ‘Mommy will be right back.’ So it’s been hard having to be gone at times but having a son pushes me to go harder.”

Lastly, What do you hope fans gain from listening to Bad Hair Day?

“I want them to feel like they aren’t alone, support, let them know yes women and men are going through it but we still stay strong especially mother’s out there.”

A supreme talent, Lyrica has addressed rumors, putting it all out there in such an honest piece of work. “Bad Hair Day” tells one woman’s personal experience with love & relationships and finding herself. 

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