Luna Elle Embraces Her “Flaws” On New Single

Luna Elle is an upcoming artist from Mississauga, Canada and she’s here to claim her throne in the R&B realm. She just dropped yet another soulful record titled “Flaws.” Following her last single “True Love,” this new release continues to reveal how Luna Elle is a storyteller, utilizing her stunning vocals to portray relatable messages about life and relationships.

Having even been reposted by the likes of Shaq via his Instagram with a caption reading, Luna Ella “is next up, you heard it here first.” It is no surprise that Luna Elle’s single, “Flaws,” is pure magic, gracing the track with her low voice that is truly stunning. 

Luna Elle Will Not Run From Her Reality

“My single ‘Flaws’ was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend about relationship expectations and dealing with someone who doesn’t fall within them,” The artist spoke in a recent interview.

Luna Elle expresses in her latest single “Flaws” how love can grow if people are willing to look past each other’s imperfections. The artist uses her sultry voice to sing beautifully about how legendary love can stand the test of time. 

“Flaws” Cover Art

“In the chorus, I say ‘love ain’t nothing like the movies, it’s not always fun’. I feel like we are so influenced by the media, not necessarily just movies but social media,” Luna continued. “There’s a lot of celebrity couples that you can’t imagine arguing, but they do just like everyone else. So this lyric is a reminder that you won’t always see eye to eye in a relationship. Moreover, this is perfectly normal.”

As she continues to work and create her own lane in contemporary R&B, Luna Elle plans to release more easygoing, smooth tracks that showcase her unique voice and lush sound. Be on the lookout for her upcoming EP releasing in 2022. Lastly, be sure to stream “Flaws” out on all platforms!

Check it out here!

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