Lukah Drops ‘Why Look Up? God’s In The Mirror’

Lukah is back with his newest LP Why Look Up? God’s In The Mirror. Memphis is without a question one of the most historic outposts in the history of music, far predating their storied and vastly influential run of rap music from the late ’80s and on, going back to a history of blues and jazz and even rock and roll. From the depths of the Delta and on up to Nashville, there is something about this part of the country that has music in its veins, and that continues to be the case to this day. In contrast, each of these areas has undoubtedly, for the most part, migrated to the trap-tropes of production that can without a doubt be traced back to Memphis first.

However, if any criticism could be made towards the city of Memphis’s music scene, from a strictly sonic perspective, mind you, is that it is beginning to become a bit singular in sound. At the same time, there are more mainstream exceptions, and the city has primarily strayed away from experimentation and embraced the styles of more progressive artists if you will.

Lukah Is A Strong Voice For South Memphis

Lukah paints similar broad strokes as his city’s peers, whose music deals with drugs, violence, and pain. This is implicit when talking about a place like Memphis. Truthfully, Lukah’s music in terms of sound doesn’t line up with the contemporary Memphis rap stars of the day. Furthermore, it instead turns in an underground direction that is somewhat unprecedented for an artist for his city.

Indeed, artists like Xavier Wulf and Chris Travis have forever linked Memphis to the modern-day underground. Moreover, many new styles have emerged even since, and Lukah’s music embodies the more Griselda-inspired wave. His gritty and suspenseful instrumentals pair well with menacing lyrics. These range from intimidating to self-aware to inspiring. Lukah is a great wordsmith who paints vivid and grim pictures through his songs. His presence is both foreboding and simultaneously engaging and this, to me, is one of the excellent marks of an unforgettable artist.

Check it out here!

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