Luck Asks “Are You Not Entertained?” With New Visual

Luck, a Connecticut-born, New York-bred, and Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter is on the rise and singing her way into our hearts! Throughout her career, she has undoubtedly pioneered her own distinct fusion of R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, and Rock & Roll. Beautifully blending a variety of genres, Luck has established an expansive fanbase that ranges worldwide. In addition to being a sizzling songstress, she is also the founder/designer of F.O.P. (For Other People | For Our People). Her business serves as a bold and elegant unisex jewelry brand that celebrates all humans.

Luck – ‘It Wasn’t Luck’ EP

Luck, It Wasn’t Luck

This powerhouse singer and conscious jewelry designer recently released her debut EP It Wasn’t Luck, accompanied by a short-film music video for lead single “Don’t Sweat“. The six-track exhilarating EP, follows up a string of sizzling singles this year. In doing so, she fuses an eclectic list of genres into her own mascara-smeared style. Exploring her inner galaxy with decadent prose that ring with affirmations of acrylic self-healing.

‘It Wasn’t Luck’ Tracklist

  1. Seed
  2. All The Diamonds
  3. I’ll Cut Them Off For You
  4. SHOOT!
  5. Are You Entertained?
  6. Don’t Sweat

Back like she never left — Luck is back with a powerful message of change. She’s putting it all on the line in her new music video for trendy track “Are You Not Entertained?,” which is taken from her debut EP, It Wasn’t Luck. A staple of Boosted Records’ growing family, Luck put on her director’s cap for her latest offering as she co-directed the visual. Luck brings the song’s anthemic chorus to life in the video, transforming an empty warehouse into a dance studio while committing to delivering a powerful message of change-as evidenced by the line: “It’s a turning in the tide / I’ma split the sea”. She has a chip on her shoulder and the confidence to fight for the underdog. Her soultry vocals paired with silky smooth, laced lyrics make for a great listen and an on repeat play record.

The Inspiration

When reflecting on the record’s inspiration, Luck goes on to say: 

 “‘Are You Not Entertained?’ is a statement for the vulnerability of people fighting against injustice, or those that don’t feel seen or heard. It hits so close to home for me as a Black woman in the climate of today’s world. This song is a stage for the glory that lives within us. With confidence in who you are and the oil that’s in your life!”

Additionally, standout single  “AYNE,” fresh from her aforementioned project, follows on the heels of what is shaping up to be a memorable year in music for the hybrid artist. Luck’s boundary-pushing sound expresses gratitude for the tenacity she has always valued as part of her identity. Her undeniable energy and willingness to go against the grain piqued the interest of music mogul Ted Field, co-founder of Interscope Records. He signed Luck to his Boosted Records imprint, and the rest was history. 

Luck continues to lace tracks with captivating lyrics that instill a deeply felt sense of optimism in the air, while remaining true to herself and her roots. As a trailblazing talent, Luck has been featured in VICE, PAPER MAGAZINE, HYPEBEAST, COMPLEX, NOTION, Galore, and FLAUNT Magazine. Effortlessly curating and carving out a music and fashion culture through her own lens. Her alternative sound and affirming messaging provide a comfort to those who are still discovering themselves, as she documents her journey of self-growth and healing through her music.

Are You Not Entertained?

Don’t believe me? Press play on “Are You Not Entertained?” here at KAZI Magazine and ask yourself the same thing! Lastly, let us know what you think! 

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