Luce Cannon Gets It In On “Cook Out”

Luce Cannon is a self-contained artist/producer from Los Angeles. Furthermore, he is known as the self-proclaimed “Voice of the Streets”.  “I don’t sugarcoat anything,” said Luce.   I am the streets, and just like the streets, I go hard consistently.  If people don’t like the truth, they won’t like me, but if they respect the truth, they will love me.”  He stumbled on this new career when he decided to send messages through the music he loved because his mission was never to be a rapper. 

His debut single, “Cookout,” is self-produced and was crafted as a testament and tribute to true artistry, placing skills over tricky hooks and tracks.  Truthfully, gangster rhyming over beats is not a new thing.  Although in today’s crowded rap music market, it’s difficult to tell the difference between the real gangsters and the studio technicians, who design their music and lyrics to sounds as authentic as possible without stirring anything up.  Luce stirs the pot and gets everything and everyone boiling.

Luce Cannon On His Unique Musical Direction

The difference in my music that’s completely different from any other artist’s music, is that it’s universal,” “It’s not just west coast and it’s not east coast. There’s no bubblegum rapping. It’s about metaphors and making people think. I structure my songs like the best music I’ve heard, and I put out quality music. I think people will still listen to it fifteen years from now.”

– Luce Cannon

Luce Cannon stirs things up outside of the studio as well.  He used his voice to speak up against harsh comments made by rapper The Game and celebrity manager and executive Wack 100 regarding the killing of a young man in Inglewood, California.  Their remarks did not align with his and others.  Luce has a series of videos on the popular website, These videos have over eight million views collectively. Therefore, the massive support for his music is expanding his music catalog. Luce is now scheduled to release more messages in music over beats that he has produced. 

Check it out below!

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