Love Keyyz Unveils ‘I Could Be Dreaming’

Welcome to the lovely sounds of Los Angeles’ Love Keyyz. This trailblazing talent comes as a triple threat served up as a singer-songwriter and pianist whose talents are unmatched. Recently, Keyyz released her highly anticipated album, I Could Be Dreaming. Her latest offering tells the tales of a love story in which disloyalty is involved. Inspired by a recent relationship, Love Keyyz peels back the truth about her partnering cheating on her. Although the album begins as a blissful, lovey-dovey story, it quickly devolves into a break-up, before shifting into a self-love journey.

Love Keyyz Reveals Her Latest Masterpiece

In fact, I Could Be Dreaming opens up with songs about the idea of what most of us believe true love feels like; that true, strong, seemingly unbreakable love. But then, the album makes its way into the pain caused by the relationship. Eventually, it wraps up with her healing and basking in her growth. According to Love Keyyz:

Love comes with a risk. We don’t always get our fairytale, and that’s okay. But, love is so amazing. Love is why life is worth living”…

Additionally, the entire album was written by the soulful songstress which explains the emotions felt flowing through. Not only did she pen her latest project, she contributed to its production as well. Her writing ideas were based on chord progressions she composed on the piano. Antoine Franklin and Jordan Jackson, two of Love Keyyzen’s favorite and super-talented pianists, were enlisted to add musical elements to the jams. In addition to Wasay Waqar, who composed two songs while also mixing and mastering the entire album.

Stream I Could Be Dreaming

Overall, from start to finish I Could Be Dreaming is a compilation of no-skip-necessary tracks. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone. I Could Be Dreaming is filled with upbeat 90s nostalgia, Pop vibes, catchy hooks, and much more! It’s a varied R&B/Soul album full of sounds that highlight Love Keyyz’s musicianship and versatility. Once played, listeners will keep it on repeat. If you haven’t gotten familiar with this famed face already – you will now. Press play on the new project here at KAZI Magazine! Lastly, let us know what you think.



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