Los Angeles Native Mike Dinero Turns In His Fire New Video For, “Slide Back”

Currently, Los Angeles is back to the forefront of Gangster Music. While within the city, the feeling may have never left, nationally, it began to feel like maybe the genre would be confined to a regionally delicacy, but in 2017-2018, a resurgence happened. Due to that resurgence, we’ve received some of the best, most authentic music we’ve seen from California in years. Looking to join the fun, native Mike Dinero checks in with his brand new video for, “Slide Back”.

Shot in the Ramona Housing Projects, the area Dinero called home, “Slide Back” is an aggressive tribute to the city he loves. Directed by Kiid, the video features scenes around L.A. that helps to drive home the points in Dinero’s music. Produced by, L-Finguz, the beat allows for Dinero to siphon through a host of flows before settling on a simple scheme that fit his style like a glove.

With the scene starting to catch national attention, it’s only a matter of time before the bandwagon is too full. Check out Mike Dinero’s new video above and grab a comfy seat.

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