LONR Brings Fans To The ‘Land Of Nothing Real 2’

Welcome to the #LonrSociety. Multifaceted GRAMMY-Award nominated singer-songwriter and lyrically inclined lyricist, Lonr. has arrived with the sequel to his 2020 Land Of Nothing Real. 

Courtesy of Sony EPIC Records, his return of his most recent release, Land Of Nothing Real 2 comes stacked with star-studded fire features. Including his collaboration with Yung Bleu on the lead single “Read My Mind”. Also, upon the second volume’s release, he unveiled the official visuals for his Leray-assisted track “Cuffin.”

A “Red Light” Release 

In celebration of the announcement of his forthcoming project, he accompanied the exciting news with the release of his high-energy single “Red Light.” Despite the fact that the single is only about 80 seconds long, Lonr. packs more emotional punch into the track than most singers can deliver on an album.

The intellectually inspiring icon spits venom at his haters on the bass-heavy track “Say Less”. He flows about grinding for even more success. Next, for the Jason Avalos and Jordan Ware-helmed “Live Life” track he does just that! With laid-back and carefree lyrics, this song has a rhythmic radio appeal. This EP serves as the perfect fitting follow up to his debut album. 

Lonr. continues to thrive as a rising rhymer and smooth singer. His musical career continues to take new heights following a highly successful 2020. Which saw him collaborate with H.E.R. on “Make The Most,” which resulted in the two talents performing at the 2020 BET Awards. In addition, the pair received three Grammy nominations for their collaboration.

The Tik Tok “AM” Take Over 

Soon after, Lonr. made his solo debut in dramatic fashion with his song “AM,” which became a viral TikTok sensation. The trendy track amassed over a million video creations and over 28 million Spotify streams and counting. 

As the year 2021 comes to a close, Lonr. sets out to establish himself in the music industry while transcending genre. Before it’s too late, tap into Lonr. and all things creative and intriguing. Get lost in his music, but first be sure to take a look at our dope interview below here at KAZI Magazine. 


The Lonr. Interview

  • Hey Lonr! Thank you for taking the time out to interview w| me and KAZI Magazine! I’m excited to jump into our interview to talk about your ‘Land Of Nothing Real 2’, your artistry, what’s next, and more. First, please tell us a little more about who Lonr is and where it all began! 

“So where it all began… we can go deep with it I mean so on the  music tip, music has just always been a part of my life. I never really took it seriously or anything until about a couple years ago. But that was when I graduated from high school but I graduated kind of like one of those lost teens you know. Not really knowing what their story is gonna be, not knowing where they’re gonna fall in line with and I kind of always been like that. I’ve always been a loner and always been somebody who’s just been kind of the outsider. I’ve been cool with everybody like I was cool with the jocks, the band geeks, whatever you want to call it. Like I was mingling with everybody but I never felt home anywhere type shit. That feeling is where loner really originated.”

  • What’s your creative process like? How do you put pen to paper? 

Pen to paper, it really comes from that. It’s like when I’m in the studio, I like to create from a sense of desire, like a lot of times it might be something I haven’t even done yet. For example, I want to drive that McLaren so badly that I write a song about it. I like to manifest stuff for the most part. So I like to speak things into reality. The whole process is really just creativity. I like to have fun and vibe. I really like to know the people that I’m working with and once you’re on that level, it’s like you never know what’s gonna happen, you’re just gonna have a good time. So that’s like my party time, as well as working so”

  • Who would you credit your lovely R&B sound to? Who inspires your Hip-Hop elements.

Hmmm, my one of many sounds. I would really call that my smooth sound you know. That’s when I get a little saucy on it, but I would honestly credit that to my mom. Because my mom would have that stuff playing in the crib. I never really listened to it like that but like when she would have it playing, I would catch little things. She out that battery in my back with that. As for Hip-Hop, aww man I would have to credit two people. I would credit Drake and Tyler, the Creator.”


The LONR Artistry

  • In your booming career you’ve already collaborated with dope artists like H.E.R, Yung Bleu, Coi Leray & more. Are there any other collaborations we can be on the lookout for?

“Without saying too much, I got some dope stuff in the mix. So get ready!”

  • What was the experience like when your “AM” single went viral on Tik Tok? Do you feel Tik Tok and the challenges have made releasing music more fun for both artists and their listeners? 

“Yeah, I mean that that experience was crazy, because that was the very first song that I ever dropped. Crazy because I’ve never even dropped any of them on SoundCloud or YouTube. I wanted to make sure like my first drop was something that was like, so ready, like I’m my worst critic. So like, I was like, No, I’ve gotta be dope. And, um, I think I was on tour at the time and I think I had like 200,000 streams, and it started going crazy on tik tok. It went from 200,000 in one day to 200,000 a day. So like every day it was like 200,000 streams on Spotify. So it was like whoa, What’s going on? Like, is this how it is? Because this is the first song and I’m like damn Tik Tok.

Because before I’m not gonna lie like Tik Tok, I thought it was a little ehhh like i’m not gonna be on it. But in reality I have to give all my love and all my respect to Tik Tok. To Charlie Demonio, and all the tik tok you know, families and dancers that did their thing to my song. It was like a wildfire. I will say the relationship with artists, especially new artists, andTik Tok is huge. Tik Tok is the new DJ, that’s how you get your experience.”

  • In 2020, you stayed consistent! What was it like creating through the pandemic? Would you say it’s beneficial, difficult, or both?

Um, I think it was a little bit of both. It had its ups and downs because there would be like for example, the down of it was there was a lot of virtual studio sessions. So it was like you had to sync up like there are some apps where you could hear the same thing at the same time but like writing it with somebody it was just I couldn’t do it I did it once I was like I’m gonna just do everything by myself.

But yeah, that was the good part of it. I got to just sit there and experiment. I didn’t have a home studio before. So I got one during quarantine. I’ve just got to experiment to sit there all day and mess with it like I haven’t been able to do that for a while because I just been in work mode. So that was great.”


Welcome To The Land Of Nothing Real 2

  • At the top of the month you dropped off your latest LP, Land Of Nothing Real 2, I enjoyed it from start to finish. Please tell us more about it & the inspiration behind it. 

Yeah. So I mean going back to what I said before, it just feels like so much to me that we are living in a land of nothing real. We’re living in this fabricated facade of a world and my music is a place that I can escape to. To kind of just live in my own reality. So it’s like sometimes you don’t know if the world we live in is a Land of Nothing Real, or the world in your head is the Land Of Nothing Real. But it’s like which one at the end of the day do you want to trust?  So at the end of the day, I’m trusting my head and this is the music that comes from the dome so anybody who appreciates it and loves that conversation, the real conversation of stuff that we tend to leave out — we rockin’!

  • Before the official release of ‘LONR2’ you dropped off “Read My Mind”, what was it about that track that you chose to use to set the tone of your project?

For “Read My Mind” the whole project was actually a challenge to see what I wanted to set it off with, That was like come a conversation between a lot of us in the team like what we go for. I pretty much at the time, I thought everything sounded good. I wanted to kind of just release the project and let the fans pick whatever they gravitated to the most so that’s kind of what I wanted to do honestly. 

  • What’s a lyrical highlight of yours off the new project? 

“Ooooh, I think it’s got to be the second verse of “Rent Free”… Going out my mind, I ain’t never been this high | still I keep my stride I control yo tides | One with the moon tonight, I hit it from the backside | Fuckin’ your posture up, see our worlds collide… If you want to hear more you know what I’m saying… you gon have to go stream that!

  • Let’s talk “Red Light”! Love the track. What inspired you to use a track a little under 80 seconds as the accompanying single for the new LP? 

Yeah, I mean that one just goes so hard to me that’s something I made during quarantine Well, this was like right when I got cut off from touring when I was in like rage mode like super rock star traveling the country mode. So being in that energy and being taken out I was like I have to drop something with that energy. I mean, a short rager is just contagious. It’s like a drug so if you just want more and more you can keep looping it up. Then I think it’s gonna be fun to perform that because it’s so short like you could perform that a couple times.” 


What’s Next?

  • Felt that! As we wrap up, what’s next for Lonr?

I would tell the fans to keep an eye out. For more music on the way in the very, very near future. If you want to catch me live with the live experience Rolling Loud December 12, California – be there. Yeah, yeah, yeah, go crazy!”

  • Thank you so much again for chopping it up with myself for KAZI Magazine today! I can’t wait to see you hit that RL stage! Before we close out, is there a message that you’d like to leave fans with?

For fans? For the new fans, welcome to the #LonrSociety. Welcome to the Land of the Real. You are appreciated. You are seen and you are encountered in this family. To the old fans, you already know it’s up. We’re gonna keep going and we’re gonna stay strong. We’re gonna be here together!”


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