Long Island’s BRRTTN Shows Out With New Single ‘Whatslife’ 

Known for his unique ability to bridge different genres simultaneously, songwriter BRRTTN has been making waves in the underground scene. 

BRRTTN returned to the scene with his latest single, ‘Whatslife,’ a smooth slow jam balanced by a dreamy, rhythmic instrumental. The song’s climax features a catchy, vocal layered chorus in which BRRTTN shows us what sets him apart. 

BRRTTN says he has been working on new music but isn’t pressed to release anything. He’s never been one to force his songwriting. “I’m not a microwave artist. All the music I make takes time and effort; nothing forced, so I may take a long time to release music, but it’s always worth the wait”, explained BRRTTN via interview. 

‘Whatslife’ marks BRRTTN’s second release so far this year, following up ‘letyougo,’ which came out earlier in the year. 

Listen to the new single:

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