Lokolil Releases “You Are My High”

Lokolil, a.k.a. Khalil Durden, is a rapid-rising new voice in the Rap scene, specifically within the City’s current popular ‘drill-sound.’ At only 21-years of age, Lokolil is doing everything he can to rise to the top, with an already developed style, sound, and look all of his own. He feels he has no need to chase the current trends or imitate those who might be more successful but nowhere near the same skill-set.

His latest drop comes in the form of a visual titled “You Are My High” — produced by Jay Kash, with the visual directed by JJ. The track shows Lokolil’s fire and passion for the craft, blended with his exciting flow and street experience. Off just a single listen, fans will see why Lokolil is here to stay and a soon-to-be household name. Quick comparisons include Kay Flock and 6ix9ine, but the NYC-native wants to show he’s in a lane of his own.

“I rap about how I’m living. I’ve been through a lot and I just want to share that through my music.” The young NYC rapper is ready to keep growing as an artist. The talent is coming along over time and it keeps rising.

So get familiar and run up “You Are My High” below.

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