Liyah Shines In her First Video “Always There”

Liyah is a 17-year-old songstress and independent artist. The R&B singer/songwriter drops the visual for her debut single “Always There.” The song is a harmonious effort that displays Liyah’s talents and skills in a way that audiences have yet to see from her. The Toronto native brings a unique sound to the R&B industry while keeping her lyrics original and different. She stands apart from her peers in that she brings a pop blend to her music-making for a catchy tune that is sure to be on repeat all day.

“It’s a song about realizing your worth as an individual, and wanting to be valued in your relationship”.


Despite the song being about a love interest who is making Liyah feel insignificant, her short yet vibrant dance routines and boisterous vibe add to the catchy feel of the song.

Liyah begins the visual walking into a dance studio reminiscing about her lover and vibing with two dancers. As the song builds up to the hook, the audience gets quick clips that tease her dancing in the studio. Taking her name from Aliyah, it seems only fair that she’d be sporting 90s inspired parachute pants and a white crop top.


After the hook, the young singer alternates between hanging out in a car with friends and dancing in the studio alongside backup dancers. For a debut, this single is extremely strong. Her new fans are looking to see more from her. Her signature look and poise will take her far in the game. All in all, Liyah is able to channel a very 90s vibe for her visual. All this while still maintaining a modern feel that could make a fan out of anyone.

Check out the new visual below!

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