Little Bacon Bear: The DMV’s Multifaceted Personality Princess

Little Bacon Bear is easily one of the most notable faces and names in the DMV. You may hear/see her on 93.9 WKYS, on social media, or even at your favorite event spinning records. To be honest, there are not many people who work as hard as the bite-size socialite. If there were a picture next to the definition of “it factor” in the dictionary, there would be a photo of Bacon smiling underneath her curls. Although the last year or so has been tough on many, Bacon Bear has continuously found ways to level up. While remaining the DC area’s consistent voice, she has also burst onto the YouTube scene. After her debut as a host of the new Youtube original, Released, it was clear that radio was not her only strength. Bacon Bear’s soothing voice, warming personality, and affability seem never to take a day off.

Little Bacon Bear has carved her own lane in the digital landscape of one of the nation’s biggest markets. While she garners plenty of attention for her big-time interviews like DaBaby, Meg Thee Stallion, and Sam Smith, she also dedicates a lot of her energy to putting the spotlight on local creatives. She hosts KYS Versus with help from Malcolm Xavier. This show provides airplay for local artists and opens the opportunity for a sit-down interview. These types of opportunities are not an obligation, but something put in place because she genuinely cares. This selfless nature is what has helped jump-start many careers in the city. In our in-depth conversation, we chatted about various topics ranging from her start in radio, future goals, and work-life balance.

Take a look at the fire conversation below!

Ahmad: Who is Little Bacon Bear for those who do not know her just yet?

Bacon Bear: I don’t know? I would probably be a wild name to those who do not know me. It can be from the radio, DJing, or at a local school maybe even from an interview. People know me for many things.

Bacon Bear

AD: Where are you from originally and how long have you been in the DMV area and what does it mean to you?

LBB: This area means a lot of things to me. It was my first real eye-opening experience. This was the first time I saw people who looked like me being successful. It showed me a world of options that were not available in other places. Even the idea that there’s a train system that connects the area offers a unique experience for young people here. That right of passage breeds curiosity of more.

AD: Who/What inspired you to get started in radio and when?

LBB: Like most young people, you leave high school, and you are not sure. There are so many different positions you could be. Honestly, I didn’t have any of those traditional skills that would lead someone to become like a vet, doctor, or something like that. I was always good at adapting, and I knew how to talk. After I started DJing, I started hosting, and everything started from there. I have been into radio for a little over 3 years.

AD: Your friends and family seem extremely important to you. How do you balance your social life with your personal relationships?


I would say that it is challenging. My work became a lifestyle, and all of my hobbies are jobs now. I am learning every day. There was no way to plan for all of the things that came with this type of life. I just chose the opportunities that would give me the best chance at helping me financially with the skill set that was still developing. 

This part of my life changed the dynamic of all my personal relationships honestly. Some people adapted and loved me in my success and embraced this. Others aren’t necessarily along for the ride. But I’ve been really fortunate to be exposed to a lot of love and well-meaning people, even strangers. 

AD: What would you say the hardest part about your job is?

LBB: The combination of saying no and managing the expectations of the people I meet. Most of the time, the questions or favors I am asked are kind of ridiculous. I am like a one-woman show, so I have to say adapting becomes hard at times. It takes a lot to relinquish certain responsibilities as a woman because it falls back on you if things do not work. I work hard, and I try hard, and if it’s not reciprocated, that can be really frustrating. From awkward or rude interviews to disrespect – I focus on progress and being well received for just trying. 
I like to do things right and my way – that doesn’t always yield to everyone seeing my vision, but it’s cool cuz there are a million ways to skin a cat; that’s what they say! 

AD: What are some myths about working in radio or Being a DJ that you want to clear up?

LBB: I don’t know if I would clear up any of those myths. They call radio ‘the theater of the mind’ for a reason. The more I work in the industry, and I learn something new every day. No two paths are the same, to be honest. I want to improve the relationship between the community and the radio. I want to contribute in that way. Whether you think radio is floating or sinking – it’s a special experience that never really loses that ‘wow, those are my words coming out of the radio’ moment. 

AD: Do you feel like being a woman in the entertainment industry helps you or hinders you?

LBB: It honestly just depends on the day. To some extent, it has hindered me. There are times I have to find out what my sexuality means to the room. Which is weird because I’m just here to do my…. job? It can be such a dark place at times. Being a woman is kinda weaponized against me at times because they cannot see past who I am or my face or my size or my face. 

Like ‘yeah cool I’m pretty but I’m also really smart and have plenty to say’ so let’s focus on that. I have also met so many other dope women that are not like me but teach me so much. There are pros and cons.

AD: Who would you say are your favorite radio personalities on air now ?

LBB: I may not have a favorite right now. I do have favorite people that I have met through radio that have taught me a lot. Angie Ange has helped me with so many things, whether it be outside of the radio. I can only listen to so much radio because I am working myself.

AD: How do you stay on all of the time?

LBB: I wouldn’t say that I am on all of the time. Yes, there are times when I am extremely in my pocket. Also, I have to close myself out from work and really look within plenty of times.

AD: What are your goals for the rest of the year

LBB: Man, I am not really the most strategic person. I did not foresee all of the amazing opportunities I have now in radio, DJing, or Youtube. So for me to try to plan too far ahead from now would not even be right. I want to continue to DJ wherever I can. Man, I want more followers, resources, money and be the best version of myself. I would say do all of the things I felt like we’ve lost in COVID-19, like anyone else.

AD: What would you say your most exciting or successful interview and event was?

LBB: All of my shows and events are successful in their own right. You learn something about yourself after each event or interview. The moments when things are not going as smoothly as possible, and you have to adapt are my favorite. These types of moments allow you to build character and show what makes you who you are. I have favorite moments or compliments from various people that I remember, but I appreciate all of my experiences for what they are.

AD: It seems like bodies of water or nature are how you refocus. What about the outdoors that keeps you calm?

LBB: Nature does not really care how you feel. It is unrelenting, and it helps you remember how small you are in the grand scheme of things. Seeing all this great nature helps me stay present. Knowing that someone had to put all of these things here helps me stay aligned with God.

AD: If you weren’t doing this job what would you be doing?

LBB: Ahh, man, that is hard to say. Anything that I can do that allows me to stay positive and have fun and get my bread would be a lit job. I would love to do some festivals and/or some voice acting. Truthfully, I want to get some credits and contribute musically. I mean, before this, I worked at Champs, so I guess I would go back to Champs, right? Maybe I would go to college.

AD: What is your favorite record to spin in the club?

LBB: That is a tough one because it depends on how drunk I am and what we are vibing to in the club. It depends on who is with me and how I am feeling that week. Yes, honestly, you would have to ask me what my favorite song of the week is; that would be more accurate.

AD: Is there anything else you want the people to know about you?

LBB: Options are unlimited, and you have to be gentle with life and yourself. It’s sink or swims in life right now. Even post-pandemic, I feel like it will be like that. When it is all said and done, I want people to know I was here for a good time and maybe a long one. I was always doing my best and being a hard worker!

Little Bacon Bear Isn’t Slowing Down Anytime Soon

It’s safe to say that this is not the last you will be hearing about the charismatic superstar radio personality/DJ. As a resident of the DMV, it is important that you tap in with Little Bacon Bear and support her as she continuously rises to the top. People like Bacon come across rarely. I look forward to seeing her stock rise as she continues to push for greatness each day. Follow her on social media @littlebaconbear and check out her new interview series on Youtube below!

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