Lil Zay Osama Shares Heartbreaking New Visual For “Survive”

Chicago native Lil Zay Osama has acquired significant fame throughout the years with many several tracks like “Changed Up,” and “Pain,” which have helped elevate his career. The rapper was co-signed by Meek Mill and has a humble beginning. From dealing with legal issues, and being around street violence, he is still able to spend time pursuing his passion.

Zay brings something new to hip-hop culture with his versatile flow and journey. He kicks off the new year with an emotional visual for “Survive.” My first time watching the visual had me blown away. It all starts off with Zay being around his close friends enjoying his time. Then switches up when he gets ambushed by a shooter. Once the shots are fired and everyone comes out of cover, it is too late. Zay realizes his friend was shot dead and gets down to his knees, holding his friend close while expressing his pain with his music.

Watch the brand new visual below.

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