Lil Tjay Drops Highly Anticipated Single, “Hold On”

Hold On” is a song that stresses the notion of time. Although patience is a virtue, it can be hard to attain. Sometimes, irritability can even get in the way of pursing dreams or reaching goals. But The Prince of New York who dubs himself Lil Tjay goes on to imply that some things are worth the wait. After all, pressure makes diamonds!

In a bouncy, emotionally-driven auto-tune cut that permeates boldness — Lil Tjay sings with sincerity, the infectious chorus:

“I think it’s time to shine, I’ve been waiting so long/Broski serving time, he been gone for so long/And I promise I’ma do this shit for us, just hold on.”

Sonically the harp expresses this immense love and goes to fuse in with a calm 808.

Now that the wait is over, Lil Tjay subtly disses those who weren’t there from the jump. Yet he refuses to dwell. Instead, he focuses on bettering his life and lending a hand to those around him. Far from selfish, Lil Tjay follows the code “if I eat, we all eat.”

According to Yahoo Entertainment, most of his singles have at least 25 million Spotify streams each, with his most popular “Brothers” nabbing over 63 million. That’s all on top of his star feature on this year’s Polo G hit “Pop Out” and scheduled performance at the Big Apple edition of Rolling Loud Festival next month. And he’s doing this all at just 18 years old!

“Hold On” follows Lil Tjay’s breakout single “F.N” from August.

If you haven’t already, stream “Hold On” by Lil Tjay. It is now available on all platforms.

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