Lil Sporty D Shares New Track “Can I Ball”

Lil Sporty D has been putting on for his hometown for a while. Louisiana has spawned a plethora of talented artists, including acts like Kevin Gates, Lil Wayne, and Curren$y amongst others. Rising to the plate is New Orleans rapper Lil Sporty. He grew his audience upon the release of singles like “Like Whoa” and “Fearless”. Today, the songwriter and engineer return with “Can I Ball.” The record shows the fearless rapper talking in a way many have never seen. His classic flow his present and the bars are better than ever before. The new song shows him taking the time to become the best version of himself.

Speaking on the song, Lil Sporty shared, “The song ‘Can I Ball’ basically a song Identify your haters and Addressing them of awareness that knows they envy or jealous of your success making dem so obsessed behind you they wish Death upon you or seeing you incarcerated… That’s the main reason for me making a song.” Hard-hitting production like this is sure to help him build a stronger base in no time.

“Can I Ball” finds the rapper sending shots at his detractors and those who envy him to name a few. Check out the single below.

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