lil Scrappy, Elevating Always, Never Stagnant

Lil Scrappy is More than just a OG!

Lil Scrappy has been in his crunk flow and wisdom bag for years; he has always been a name in hip hop to know. Years of consistency and hunger keep him in the game as a relevant name for a minute. However, with being around as long as he has, Scrappy refuses to be stagnant.

Being a pioneer of a new sub-genre of music is one thing, but to continue to push the culture in 2021 is another thing, and I appreciate Scrappy for that. A family man and curator of new vibes, he looks forward, never back. Recently we hopped on the phone for a few words, and I felt as if I was talking with my uncles about life.

Some might watch him on Love & Hip Hop and assume he’s arrogant, but he’s down to earth. Lil is the type of person to give you an “OG talk” but not condescendingly. A lot of wisdom comes from his mind, understandingly due to years of being in entertainment. One example was his involvement in the coming of crunk music.

He helps make a music trend energetic, not just vibes in modern times, and he did it with. From artists such as Duke Duece being a current crunk phenom to Saweetie, J. Cole, and other artists using crunk samples, Scrappy has had a lot of influence.

This is why it was heartwarming to hear from him that he loves the new artists doing their thing and being influenced by something he helped formulate with Lil Jon and a few others.

“I recommend all artists to find their own sound and own it. When you try to be another artist, you lose yourself. It’s too many older artists trying to sound younger and not enough younger artists being themselves. Maturity needs to come back fully, and we older artists need to play our part. I’ll do my best, and I encourage all older artists to join me.

Lil Scrappy on the state of the industry.
As a young man in being the limelight at a young age, he always was smooth with it.

With all the energy I had as a young man, I took it into music. From my Trillville days to being with Lil Jon to me coming into my own as my own man; Everything I had to get was to the determination my team and I. Navigating shit the right way led to the G Unit features help take my craft to another level. Add in all the over moves I’ve made, and it feels good I did it the right way.

lil Scrappy.

Scrappy was never the one person to just get something instantly. He always had to work for it. His career has been and continues to be successful because he is who is his. The fact that he has a WWE event based on his hit single “Money In The Bank” featuring Young Buck speaks volumes. Every move he made was moving him in a direction where wealth is built, not just image. 

Nowadays some younger artists will sell everything in order to make it. I can’t fault it because you get it how you get it. However, every move you make should lead to the bigger picture. Even if you take a 360 deal, make sure you give rights to things you know you can recoup or something that puts you into the next stage of life.

Lil Scrappy.

The youthful, mature OG.

I sensed youthful energy, not surprisingly, from scrappy about his future and life in general. He’s the type to probably out move his children at times and push them to be a better them; however, he does this with a bit of swag, and that’s how he’s approaching releasing new music.

With his latest singles, “GA/FL” and “I Ain’t Trippin,” he wants people to take him seriously. He’s not making new music as a thing where “old heads” do it as reliving their youth. He doesn’t want to be considered a joke but an OG embracing his role as an OG and bringing maturity into modern hip hop.

Getting to this point in Lil scrappy career has been an amazing one. From people telling him he was crazy for his antics on stage to his younger days to now being an influence in hip hop, he embraces everything his way. Stay tuned to Scrappy; he’s not one of them and will continue to set new trends.

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