Lil Ron Ron Is Back For Season 6 Premiere

Lil Ron Ron: The Animated Series is back for its sixth season. Created by Brandon Reed and Ron Bush, the episodic series follows a precocious six-year-old boy, caught in the middle of his parent’s separation drama. Episode one of the new season is titled, “Welcome Home Party”. Like at most Black family gatherings, once the alcohol got involved, mayhem ensued. Grandparents, parents, even the family friends create chaos before the night ends. It’s up to the little smart mouthed menace to fix the damages and bring his parents back together.

The death of late rapper, Nipsey Hussle, deeply affected the shows co-creators and motivated them to step on the gas. “[There are] times when I had to go in YouTube and type Nipsey Hussle motivation or Nipsey Hussle interview and listen to the stuff that he had to say about running that marathon, never quitting, believing in yourself and just continuing to keep going,” Reed said in an earlier interview with WNDU 16 News.

Catch up on all the trouble that Lil Ron Ron the problem child caused in previous seasons on YouTube. Season 5 had the best moments of the series to-date and hilarious nostalgic references to relatable hood antics.Watch the debut episode of the new season of the hit comedy web show below, available now via Malaco Music Group.

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