Lil $o$o Shares New Single “Better Life”

Lil $o$o (@lilsosodon) is ready to turn her career up for the better. LunchMoney Lewis (@LunchMoneyLewis) is known for crafting hits for Billboard chart-topping women wordsmith’s like Nicki Minaj and Saweetie. Also, he is known for enlisting Doja Cat and QC’s City Girls’ for records of his own, platinum-producer/songwriter introduces his latest Lunchbox Records (@LunchBoxRecs) signee Lil $o$o (@lilsosodon). Appropriately titled “Better Life,” $o$o’s debut single details her come up. After a series of unfortunate events that ultimately made her attitude of appreciation is a byproduct of Lunch, Toju & TheOnlyDiet

The engineer of “Better Life” on the new single from Lil $o$o!

“I’m proud of this one, I wrote it by myself and got in a zone. I’m focusing on a mission to provide a better life for my son. Ain’t nobody stopping that”

Clint Gibbs

With each passing day, Lil $o$o sees herself as an empowering female rapper. Furthermore, as a songwriter, as well as an entrepreneur in the beauty field with plans to own her own beauty salon. Most importantly, her main focus is continuing to be the best mother she can be. When she looks at her son, she sees the light that has helped keep her life illuminated; the daily reminder of the person she loved and lost, but consequently helped transform her into a fiercely independent woman.

Experience “Better Life” via the Melissa “Mel Vision” Marin visual. Also, stream it on your DSP of choice below. Lastly, expect her $o$o World  EP to drop in the near future!

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