Lil Migo Hold’s His Crown With “King Of The Trap 2” Project

If you listen to rap music then you know how strong the city of Memphis is coming when it comes to success in the rap game. Through the reigns of Memphis, Tennesse comes Lil Migo the next big music artist who is pushing through the airways in a major way. His highly anticipated Mixtape “King of The Trap 2″ is the perfect blend between hard-core storytelling and complete bangers that will resonate with everyone. During this interview, I talk with Lil Migo about his music career and what ” King of The Trap 2″ means to him.

There are some artist making it big from Memphis right now; How does it feel being a rapper from that city?

Lil Migo: It Feels good because like it’s not a lot of rappers from Memphis. But there are some big rappers that come from the city. The rappers that you may know who is coming up at the same time as me like Pooh Shiesty and Duke Duce. I don’t feel any type of pressure, but it’s like I see the people who came before me and it’s like who is next. All of us popped off in the same year so it’s just really lit right now.

What are your fans going to see different from the first “King of The Trap” tape to this specific one?

Lil Migo: For the first tape I had 42 Dugg, Black Youngsta, and I had Yo Gotti. I basically had the whole CMG roster on the first tape. For this tape I didn’t focus on too many CMG members; I used artists outside the box like Quavo and Duke Duce. I just went outside the box because people expect you to do the norm. People already expect me to have those types of people on there. So, I just went outside the norm this time just to try and work with other people and other artists.

How was your experience working with Quavo from the Migos?

Lil Migo: It was easy because he already tried to sign me when I first started rapping. So, it was already easy because we had been locked in. He always checks up on me and not even just like on no signing stuff. When the pandemic hit we never had the opportunity to work together. We just started recording the song about 3 months ago. I feel like everything happens for a reason, it was all timing. He was easy to work with it was fun and I enjoyed myself. He was not on no Hollywood stuff either it was lit really.

With you being signed with Heavy Camp, what are some things that you have learned from Black Youngsta and Yo Gotti?

Lil Migo: What I learned from them is their hustle. And how hard they go for what they believe in, that’s the first thing. And the second thing is never to give up even when it looks bad and may not be going how I want it. I just learned from their hustle and their work ethic. Seeing them made me want to do the same. So when I have artists and people under me; it’s just molding me for the future.

Do you take your personal experiences and put them into your music often?

Lil Migo: Yeah, that’s what I do! Anything that I rap about it’s like personal stuff I did. I rap about my life; I make music about how I feel. So when I go into the studio I might feel mad or I might feel happy, whatever I feel just comes out in the music. I make all of my music off of what’s going on and my personal experiences.

If someone didn’t know anything about your music how could you describe it to them in 3 words?

It’s Real, It’s motivational, and it’s uplifting!

LIL migo

What does the future look like for Lil Migo?

Lil Migo: I see myself really staying in tune with my fans and becoming an official touring artist and continuing to show the fans as much love as I can in the future. Because without them, I wouldn’t be here. I just want to keep that mentality going to help the people around me grow from artists to producers.

Down below you can stream “King of The Trap 2”!

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