Lil Haiti, Hip Hop’s Community Man

Hard-working and fast-rising, Lil Haiti is one of the most impactful stars coming out of New York City today. A couple of things make him stand out, a love for his culture, being a man of character, dabbling in effortless musical talents, and being community-oriented; Haiti is unique. 

Currently, he has a single and video out with fellow New York rapper Flipp Dinero titled “Where The Cap At,” which is spreading Haiti’s name not only in the city but all over the country. Other singles such as “Panicking” and “Rewind” garnered buzz that cements Haiti as an upcoming star in music. Lil Haiti is a big vibe, and he’s not afraid to drop game-changing music. 

Recently, I got to hop on the phone and chop it up with him. A few takeaways I got were how passionate and well-spoken the young man is. It was so impressive to hear his eloquence describing his plans for the future, not just music. Coming from a supportive family, Haiti’s principles separate him from his hip hop colleagues. 

“I’m for the people, for my family. My family was always there. To be for the advancement of the culture, I feel like you got to understand family dynamics and accept people for who you are.”

Lil Haiti, A different but great breed

His rise is unique as well; Haiti doesn’t “force” the issue. He is cordial, and it’s impressive. The trust he has with his team is terrific as well.

“The way I move is all-natural. I don’t do too much in terms of making myself a fool for a reason. My music and brand has to come up the right way! I put in my hard work to make sure my projects and music come out pure quality.” 

That same mindset is applied to his team. According to Haiti, “the team is hands-on and respectful as well. They are firm believers in teamwork and hard workers to get to the next level. That works with each other and not under one another. We work smart and are very hands-on with every step of the process.” 

His team consists of his manager Christine “Perez” Wood of Perez Entertainment, Que Global and BMG. They do not play about Haiti’s career and he appreciates it!  

They cover roadblocks on the way up, and it’s refreshing to see. Lowey, humble, and grateful for life, Lil Haiti is a winner-point-blank. He even supports people who work 9-5 jobs because he doesn’t want his fans to be left out. In his words, “we are a community.” 

He even has a non-profit which helps support people and plans initiatives for single mothers and disenfranchised people of New York City. The money to support his causes comes from Haiti’s own pockets because he wants to be the people’s artist, not over, and it’s dope.  

‘The Big Zoe’ just dropped, and Haiti is ready to show the world who he is. Be ready for a different vibe cause he’s ready! ‘The Big Zoe’ is available on all platforms. 

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