Light Skin Keisha Breaks The Bank With New Project And Visual “Margarita”

Light Skin Keisha does not play any games when it comes to music. This is why I knew her new project, Break The Bank, wasn’t going to disappoint! Light Skin Keisha is an Atlanta rap star and influencer. The impact that she has on her fan base is truly unmatched. Since 2017 Keisha has had the music industry’s eyes all on her. From the work ethic, talent, and charisma Light Skin Keisha has that it factor. I had the opportunity to chat with Light Skin Keisha about her career and a new project, Break The Bank. The interview is down below!

Can you give a little background on how you became the social media and rap star we all see today?

Light Skin Keisha: To be honest, it started with me driving to work every day. And I would think of stuff while I was on the road. I had a far distance to go from home to work, so I would pick up the phone and start talking.

Was music something that you always knew you wanted to take seriously?

Light Skin Keisha: So, I have always been around music and stuff. I had a studio in my house; my sibling’s dad tried to start his record label when we were younger. He would always try to get me on the mic. During the Myspace days and the Bebo days, I used to be like a real computer geek. I understood coding and stuff. I remember I’d find myself on all of these free music sites that had free music available. And I would research all types of music from country artists, pop artists, and rap artists. I also looked up older R&B artists like Jon B, Joe, and Karl Thomas that was my favorite. I was also a fan of Amy Winehouse; I used to listen to all types of music.

Lets talk about your growth as an artist from the beginning hits like Treadmill and Weather?

Light Skin Keisha: It was crazy because one of the first songs I put out was called Weather, and that was off of me making a video, and it just went viral. And once it went viral, I was like, okay, thank god that I am good with this music thing, so let me try to feel it and pursue it.

You have a big feature on the song Freaky Dancer with Trina! How did that come about and what does that mean to you to have her on this Ep?

Light Skin Keisha: Well, to be honest, I feel like Trina doesn’t get the credit that she deserves in this industry. She’s so humble and genuine; Trina was like the first girl to show me love as far as you feel me like a legendary icon female rapper. I was on one of her projects as well. When I was offered this opportunity, I was like, this is crazy. She was such a genuine person when I met her, and I felt like she deserved more flowers. And if I did want a feature on this project, it would be a feature with a legendary person.

I love the new single and visual “Margarita”! Will you be incorporating more singing into your music?

Light Skin Keisha: Yes. I have another project that I’m finna drop too. I’ve been working very hard, and yeah, if you listen to the other songs like “What You Came For”and “Care About,” that’s like an actual singing song on the project. People like when I sing, so I was like, yo, I’m going to try this out, and I’ve been doing it.

What do you want your fans to take away from this Break The Bank Ep?

Light Skin Keisha: To see how versatile an artist I am and how my sound can switch up at any moment. I don’t just consider myself a female rapper because I can do it all. Just to see my versatility and personality because I just have fun when I go to the studio.

Be on the lookout for more music from Light Skin Keisha soon. Stream Break The Bank down below!

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